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About the Book
The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond
A Soulful Approach to the Emotional Freedom
Techniques and Holistic Healing

By Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

"The Heart and Soul of EFT and Beyond
takes EFT to the next level."

- Fred P. Gallo, PhD, author of Energy Psychology


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Would you like access to the ultimate success tool, what's been called a "modern miracle"? 

Do you want to eliminate whatever is in the way of you having better relationships, optimal
health, and greater abundance?

Just a click away are healing technologies that will help you create the life of your dreams. Maybe you already know about the power of EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques). If so, this new resource can really supercharge your results. Maybe you are new to EFT and a new world of energy healing awaits you. 

These techniques work quickly, can be used on virtually any issue, and no previous training or experience is needed to succeed. That's why millions of people throughout the world are learning about them.

This book is for EFT beginners and experts alike. It's an easy-to-read reference manual you can use immediately... and for a lifetime.

Within this unique resource, you will find the latest discoveries and new information, as well as powerful leading-edge techniques we have developed for healing and bringing much greater results -- either for yourself or working with others. 

What's so different about this e-book is that...  

“Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose, the authors of this book, have been pioneers, innovators and integrators for many years. The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond builds on their earlier paperback Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT. It is a kind of encyclopedia of knowledge in EFT and energy and spiritual healing, written in an easy-to-understand manner. The range of information conveyed in this book is very impressive as the reader will quickly discover after reading a few chapters. Moreover, the tables and diagrams alone convey many wonderful ideas, methods, and approaches.”    
    -- Philip Friedman, PhD, Author of Creating Well Being and The Integrative Healing Manual

This book draws on our (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) popular paperback book, entitled Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT. Now The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond adds a wealth of new information and recent discoveries from our extensive experience and research over the past decade of working with thousands of students, clients and readers.  

Our role has been to synthesize information, adding new innovations, connecting it to the journey to wholeness, and presenting it all in a clear and thorough way. We've also pooled our resources with 11 EFT experts, who add invaluable insights and proven strategies on weight, money, peak performance and relationships. 

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  • An easy-to-read, detailed description of all the steps to EFT, covering many subtleties that can increase your effectiveness. The basic steps to EFT are straightforward and simple. Learning the details and knowing how to avoid common pitfalls-- like the Apex Problem, multiple emotions, and measuring results-- can make a huge difference in your results.
  • The ins and outs of muscle testing (Kinesiology), considered by many to be the most advanced diagnostic tool available. With muscle testing you can find out how anything affects you. So then wherever you spot a personal weakness, you can use EFT to clear the pain, negative emotion, or limiting belief. You can muscle test someone else or yourself. Muscle testing is a wonderful add on to EFT.
  • Exact steps to pinpoint and eliminate sabotaging beliefs.  At times no matter what we do to correct our problem nothing seems to work. The answer often is a sabotaging belief. You will learn specific ways to pinpoint this "psychological reversal" so you can finally free yourself of the problem.
  • The "Centering Process," an easy technique that we developed that boosts EFT, muscle testing, and helps you with any area. Learn how to quickly and easily center yourself and access the wisdom and healing power of the soul to create more success in everything you do.
  • The four levels of healing, a phenomenal holistic map to your well-being. Part of healing is doing detective work on discovering  exactly what needs to be healed. The Mountroses' Holistic Process elegantly shows you how to find the deeper, core issues so you can then clear them with EFT. 
  • How to identify and answer three questions that can lead you to genuine freedom. To live your heart's desire, you need to know how to set your course.


The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond contains a wealth of new information, techniques, and strategies for your energy-healing toolbox:
  • Know what to do when you are "switched." Learn what to do when you are disoriented and at a loss.  Even small shocks and disruptions to your life can switch your energy field. This can be a lifesaver.
  • Learn specific ways to overcome two of the most common and devastating fears: the fear of getting well and fear of success.  These fears keep us stuck. Now you can know exactly what is holding you back and what to do about it.
  • Find out about how any problem can be due to "energy toxins."  Included are 7 ways to address energy toxins and 2 checklists to identify and muscle test specific toxins. An energy toxin can be any substance that causes a symptom or disruption in your energy field. Brain fog, coughing, sneezing, pain, allergic reactions, weight gain and other symptoms can be indicators that your life is being burdened by energy toxins. 
  • Identify when a person is "compartmentalized." This overlooked but self-defeating pattern artificially divides different areas of  life, like a person's social life and career. The problem is one area affects another creating stress and problems. Know when a person compartmentalizes and what to do about it.
  • Learn the 7 Defense Patterns that we all have and how they are integral to healing.Everyone has weaknesses, but do you know the seven specific, fear-based patterns and which one is your primary one? The chief defense colors and distorts everything, and is a central barrier to healing.
  • Use EFT with visualization. Like EFT, visualizing can be a tremendous healing tool. Combining visualization with EFT produces powerful results.
  • Find out how to use the Magic Question. This simple question can in just a few seconds provide clarity when the EFT tapping sequences are not working.
  • Learn about the current research on EFT and energy work. Although it's based on ancient healing methods, EFT is a relatively new healing tool, coming into its current form just over a decade ago. Now it's being increasingly recognized and researched. 
  • Learn about what is often the missing ingredient in healing:  forgiveness. You will discover the 13 limiting beliefs and myths that make it hard to forgive, as well as other transformational information on this crucial subject. 
  • Identify and correct "Massive Psychological Reversal." Some people have a large number of sabotaging beliefs. Know what to do in such cases.
  • Learn Spiritual Kinesiology, a technique we developed that is as powerful as EFT and can be used as an alternative approach. Use the energy of the soul for profound healing and guidance.
  • Create a high-thymus outlook in life to uplift your life. Psychologist John Diamond recognized that the thymus is a master gland that can determine a person's health and well-being. Learn the ins and outs of testing and strengthening this gland, with all its phenomenal mind-body benefits.
  • Find out 10 keys for being therapeutic when helping others. Know how to build trust and rapport with those you are helping. Get the specifics on what to do and what to avoid.
  •  17 quick-reference charts, diagrams, and checklists for EFT, muscle testing, and holistic healing. Clear visual presentations of these self-help techniques and concepts make them easier to understand and use. They also serve as references for long-term mastery of these transformational techniques.
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PLUS... 11 leading EFT Experts reveal their proven tips and strategies for making EFT even easier, more effective, and usable in all aspects of your life."

  • Weight & abundance: Carol Look, LCSW, clinical hypnotherapist and author of the training manuals How to Lose Weight with Energy Therapy and Quit Smoking Now with Energy Therapy, reveals details on how to use EFT for weight management and creating abundance.

  • "EFT Choices": Pat Carrington, Professor of Psychiatry and author of How to Create  Positive Choices in Energy Psychology, shares how to create EFT reminder cards and build a library of  "EFT Choices," precisely tailored to remove your particular blockages and to install the positive qualities you want to have.

  • EFT during holidays: Alex R. Lees, clinical counselor, International NLP Trainer, and Contributing Editor to the EFT Insights Newsletter, tells how EFT took his practice to the next level, and how you can use EFT for those stressful  times during the holidays.

  • Trauma and physical pain: Loretta Sparks, Director of the Center for Energy Psychotherapy, shows you how to use EFT for effectively dealing with trauma and physical pain.

  • For couples: David Lake, medical practitioner, psychotherapist, and author of New Energy Therapies: Rapid Change Techniques to Emotional Healing, explains how P.E.T. (Provocative Energy Techniques), a brilliant way to help couples resolve issues, combines so well with EFT.

  • Peak performance: Steve Wells, Australian-based psychologist, trainer in Advanced EFT and Provocative Energy Techniques, and peak performance consultant, reveals the five essential keys to using EFT for peak performance.

  • Energy Toxins: Sandi Radomski, psychotherapist, naturopathic doctor specializing in treating allergies and author of the  Allergy Antidotes manual, shares seven powerful tips on how to treat energy toxins.

  • Deeper success: Marilyn Gordon, Director of the Center for Hypnotherapy and author of Extraordinary Healing, shares eight exact tips and insights for deeper success with EFT.

  • Ending Migraines: Betty Moore-Hafter, author of the manual Tapping Your Amazing Potential with EFT and moderator of The Rising Sun EFT Group e-newsletter, reveals how to use EFT as a First-Aid Kit for physical issues, including migraines.  

  • Forgiveness and new modalities: Philip Friedman, Director of Foundation for Well-Being and author of Creating Well-Being, explains how EFT works with Pressure Point Therapy and the Path of Light, his complementary healing modalities, which also integrate forgiveness into the healing process.

  • Prosperity and Money: Carol Tuttle, Master Energy and Rapid Eye Therapist and author of Remembering Wholeness, shows how to use EFT to release negative money beliefs so you can allow money to flow freely and live your life purpose.

These distinguished leaders in this exciting, dynamic field share with you their time-tested strategies. Also by pooling the knowledge from their expertise in this one book, you receive some of the brightest and freshest ideas available.

"This book is a clear and practical investigation of what is possible in the area of
energetic healing.
For anyone who has ever wanted to help really heal another being, this touches the core of that calling and resonates with a deep knowing that this potential can be activated. No hype, no glossy, no woo-woo, it is straight, genuine and truly inspiring. As we move into a new paradigm of what is health and what is healing, individuals like Phillip and Jane Mountrose are helping to make these possibilities alive and real."
                                                              --Linda Erlin, Psychiatric Nurse


The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond might be one of the most important books you ever read.

Take full advantage of the money-back satisfaction guarantee. You can download this very user-friendly
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The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond  E-book in PDF format for immediate download.  182 pages. 

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