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"EFT Magic in Minutes Quickstart Kit"
Learn or review EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in about an hour...
with Energy-Healing Experts Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

Attention: Those seeking fast and effective holistic healing...

EFT Is the premier, proven energy-healing tool. But how can you
easily learn to do it?

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What if there was a proven technique that could help boost your
energy, relieve stress, improve performance and more?

It's called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and you can
learn how to use it in about an hour-- and improve your well-being
now and for a lifetime.

"Try EFT on anything."  It's easy to use and highly effective.

Learn (or review) this tool you can use for for a lifetime to eliminate health and 
relationship issues  and create a better, prosperous life now. 

This simple technique, EFT,  has been used by hundreds of thousands for
a wide range of areas including...

  • eliminating stress
  • relieving pain
  • creating physical well-being
  • stopping smoking and other habits
  • reaching your ideal weight
  • overcoming insomnia
  • creating abundance
  • achieving genuine freedom and more...

The Valuable Kit includes a multi-media presentation for easy learning:

Concise, easy-to-read Ebook

Provides clear diagrams, steps and valuable tips to learn EFT in about an hour.

MP3 How-to EFT Audio (20 minutes)

Listen from your computer, mp3 player or burn to CD

Step-by-step Two Exclusive EFT Videos (19 minutes total)

See exactly what you need so EFT works reliably and easily for you.


The entire "EFT Magic in Minutes Quickstart Kit" is available  for Instant Download after ordering.

Why such a low price ($7)?

We know the best way to win a customer is give a good deal and deliver a great product.  EFT has worked wonders for us, our many students, readers and thousands of others around the world -- and we want you to discover what EFT can do for you!

Also, we know if you're happy with what you receive, you may be interested in
the many other products and programs we have and are continuously developing.

This is why we're keeping the price so low for now.

Plus a Special Bonus Report...

Kinesiology EFT Special Report How to use EFT with Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) --
Find out another valuable healing tool you can use to test body-mind-emotions.


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Imagine how much easier and enjoyable your life will be when you can
use EFT on anything

The real value of learning EFT is many $1000's of dollars on how it can help you (relationships, performance, career, health) over a lifetime.

Take advantage of this offer while it's still available.

To the heart of your success, 




Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

EFT Experts and Energy-Healing Pioneers


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