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Broaden Your Horizons with EFT and Energy Healing

Learn about the techniques that are supercharging your potential! Explore exciting new processes and resources from Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose for clearing stuck emotions, creating a more joyful and fulfilling  life, accelerating your spiritual growth, and more. Discover:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Emotions
  • SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) and Soul Development
  • Tools For Manifesting Your Dreams
  • And More...
Find Out About EFT

The techniques that people are calling a "modern miracle"

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) produce positive changes with all kinds of troubling emotions, along with many physical conditions. EFT is fast, effective, and easy enough that just about anyone can learn to do it. 

The Getting Thru Techniques (GTT) increase the effectiveness of EFT by reaching quickly and easily into the recesses of the unconscious mind for deeper healing. Both may be used with virtually any kind of problem and open new possibilities for fulfilling your true potential.

On this page you will find a variety of resources that can help you to take your next step toward emotional freedom and creating the life of your dreams.

This page contains a wealth of resources...

Take the Journey Deeper

Into the mysterious realms of the soul and spiritual healing.

SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) and Soul Development resources on this site are designed for those who find themselves on a journey of self-discovery.  

This inner journey leads you to an understanding of your true identity as a spiritual being and the discovery of your soul's true purpose. Along the way, you learn about the gifts you are here to share and encounter the parts of yourself who are  preventing you from reaching your full potential.

As you progress on your spiritual path, you advance through a series of stages, which gradually allow you to awaken to the possibility of bringing your soul's divine purpose into all aspects of your life.


Put the Pieces Together

and manifest a fabulously joyful and fulfilling life.

The pieces of the puzzle of who we are and why we are here all come together with the principles of manifestation and taking effective action to make your dreams a reality. 

Awakenings Institute has created a program to help you to make transformational changes in your life. Find out how you too can :

  • Discover your purpose
  • Create the life of your dreams
  • Make the world a better place

The tools: The e-Book Manifesting Your Dreams and the ongoing support of Awakenings' Master Spirit Community to supercharge your results.


Explore the resources below to learn more about EFT.
What is EFT?
By releasing blockages in the human energy system, this simple process of tapping on a short series of points on the body is revolutionizing the field of psychology. And it works with just about any kind of issue you may be dealing with. Also find out about these other amazing techniques: 
What is GTT?

What is SK?

Miracle Reframe with EFT --  video and tutorial

Audio Interview with Dr. Phillip Mountrose on  EFT, healing and spirituality. 70 minutes of fascinating information and insights.

The Heart and Soul of EFT
and Beyond

An easy-to-read resource for both new and veteran EFT users. If you already know about the power of EFT, this new resource can really supercharge your results. 

If you are new to EFT, a powerful world of energy healing awaits you. The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond provides a wealth of new information, including a variety of transformational and soulful elements that can boost EFT and holistic healing to new levels. 

Also available as an e-book.


Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT  Book, DVDs and Audios
A book and related materials that focus on using EFT and GTT to tap into your full potential. These materials provide detailed information, visual demonstrations, and guided visualizations to help you to master the techniques and make positive changes in your life.

2-CD SET: Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT & Energy Healing



Home-Study EFT Certification Course
Transformational course offered only from Awakenings Institute. Get hands-on experience to go in-depth with EFT and powerful, complementary techniques. This extraordinary course is one of the best ways to help yourself and others using holistic healing at its best. Easy-to-follow program that can also be combined with Home-Study Spiritual Counselor Certification (Spiritual Kinesiology, Spiritual Intuition, and Life Purpose).. 

EFT Home-Study Certification Course

This high-quality, in-depth program is available for home study wherever you live!


"The challenge is that most of us are so busy that we don’t have the time to invest to learn it [energy psychology]-- 
but I know for myself, the single most important health tool I have is my ability to use energy psychology to
remediate subconscious programming that typically causes devastating physical health traumas."

--Dr. Joseph Mercola, mercola.com, #1 Health website

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