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Marketing for the Holistic-Minded...

How to Market Your Holistic/Spiritual Practice

A Practical Step-by-Step Home-Study Approach

Have you longed to help others... and would you like to know the best way to go about it?

Are you frustrated about having a wonderful holistic/spiritual offering, but don't know how to get your message out to the world? 

Would  you like to know the nuts-and-bolts of how to build or enhance a holistic practice?

Perhaps you are like many spiritually-minded people and have a negative association with marketing. Yet you know it's absolutely necessary to learn how to offer your services so you and others can benefit. Perhaps you feel you're not a  "salesperson" and you have reservations about "selling."

Or perhaps you've started a practice but it's not going as well as you hoped. So what do you need? The right tools, mindset, and support to fill in the missing pieces, so you can truly shine and succeed.

You need a solid foundation, then you will what to do to naturally attract the right customers to you.


"Hi, we're Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose. Since 1994, we have developed a successful practice and helped thousands of people through our coaching/healing certification programs, published materials, and personal sessions. Our passion in life and greatest joy revolve around helping people to overcome personal challenges, discover their life purpose, and create tremendous success.

We want to share what we've learned in an easy-to-follow format for how to succeed with a holistic practice. It's an approach based on integrity and aligned with your life purpose.You can benefit from our years of experience, trial and error, and investment of thousands of dollars into marketing materials. We call this unique program "How to Market Your Holistic/Spiritual Practice."

What's holding you back?

You know that people are looking for what you have to offer -- and you're good at it. It just seems hard to connect with people and let them know about your services and products.

So what's holding you back? Here are the kind of issues that spiritually minded people often encounter:

You avoid marketing, not wanting to be pushy or over the top You want to do things in a heart-centered way. You feel marketing is burdensome and, what's more, that it will compromise you.

You're unsure how to market and succeed. You have skills and knowledge in your area of expertise -- the challenge is you just don't know how to let people know about you in a natural way.
Being resistant to marketing leads to disappointing results, yet you know others have succeeded... The good news is that you can, too -- and to promote your services in a way that will you make you feel good.
"I do enjoy this program and feel much empowered to follow my heart to take new steps to set-up my own “Integral Life Practice.”  Thanks for all your sincere work and enrichment you are bringing to people’s life as you support them in their own awakening."

--Vanessa Katte, Director, Antony Consulting
This Program is for You if...

This is a comprehensive program that gives you the key ingredients for success. It's for anyone who has a practice or may have one in the future. In any case, this program will definitely accelerate your communication skills.

Even learning a few of the tools or insights could totally transform your practice and magnetize the clients that are right for you.

This is a program that works in North America and for people from different countries around the world In order to get the most out of this program consider if the following description resonates with you...


Your interest/business is a passion that creates joy and excitement.
In spite of any fears or reluctance you have, your heart is calling you to follow this direction. Your want to go forward and follow your bliss.

You have your own practice or want to start sometime in the near future. You may be a coach, healer, therapist, nurse, teacher, speaker, healthcare professional, business person or someone who is drawn to helping others and making a part- or full-time living at it.

You're action-oriented and willing to make things happen.  You know "if it is to be, it's up to me." A passive approach to business will ultimately make you uncomfortable since it won't produce the results you want. You're willing to stretch and grow because you know it's worth it.

You're willing to experiment and keep going. Not everything will work the first time or go smoothly. You can deal with the uncertainty because you know your heart and soul will guide you. You are willing to view your undertakings as an adventure. All you need to do is keep going forward with the right support. 

You want to make a difference. You have a purpose and want to help the world. Your business/ project is a key to your contribution.

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Spyder Webb


"I've spent a lot of money in the past on programs and books that promised the sky and delivered little in the way of really practical rubber hits the road advice I could put to use. I hesitated before getting this program, because even though the cost was very reasonable, it was still a stretch for me. Thankfully, your course has been worth every cent. I am very grateful for your no-nonsense, no hype, very practical advice."

 --Rev. Dr. Spyder J.B. Webb, Holistic Practitioner,  

What exactly does the Program include?

This Program includes three main parts, plus Bonuses:

How to Market Your Holistic/Spiritual Practice Audio Tutorials
9-hours of specific, easy-to-follow marketing guidance on a variety of key subjects.
Easy-to Use Handouts/Worksheets
30-plus pages of specific information that accompanies the audios. These include step-by-step processes, and valuable resources and worksheets that you can immediately apply to improving your marketing.
How to Market Your Holistic/Spiritual Practice E-Handbook
Clearly written information that reinforces the audios and handouts and expands into other important marketing areas. All of the parts of this program show you how to attract more clients, boost your income, and really help people.

BONUS #1 -- E-book: The Heart & Soul of Teaching Classes
Our 60-page concise, information-packed resource book on how to give effective seminars, presentations and introductory classes. Teaching is a powerful marketing tool, which can be an enjoyable activity in itself. This e-book is an invaluable reference you will refer to for a lifetime.
BONUS #2 -- Special Report: "Blog Creation -- Made Easy"
Learn the exact steps you need to create a blog -- definitely the way to go if you are setting up a website. Also if you already have a blog, learn easy ways to dramatically improve your blog and increase traffic..

A Snapshot of the Program's Contents -- Gain the Confidence and Clarity You Need

This program will put in your hands a step-by-step, easy-to-use system. It will save you time and energy -- and attract the right clients to you. It will give you the confidence and clarity to move forward. This program can dramatically increase your inner and outer success. It will show you how to get organized so you can move forward and really get your message out.

The 9 hours of audios came from a telecourse. So in addition to our expertise, you have lively discussions, interactions and demonstrations with others interested in holistic marketing who were part of the classes.

Here's a brief description of the 7-part roadmap that you will receive:
Audio 1 -- The Miracle Mindset
How to soulfully align your beliefs with what you want, including your goals and life purpose. When your business aligns with your deeper purpose, things go so much easier.
Audio 2 -- Getting Off to a Good Start
How to become a creative, spiritual marketer, rather than a predatory or clueless one. Learn what to say to those interested in your offerings. Develop an organic approach to building successful relationships so you can help others and succeed in your practice.
Audio 3 -- Power Tools for Attracting Clients
Understand how to have successful introductory sessions (ones that benefit you and your client), as well as how to price your services and attracting referrals.
Audio 4 -- How to Communicate Effectively
Provides a guideline on how to write effective copy, the clear and authentic descriptions that will attract the people you want to your practice. Also includes different ways to have testimonials for your business that will greatly increase your credibility.
Audio 5 -- Breakthroughs Connecting in Person
Details ways to meet people who want your services. Shows you how to offer introductory classes and talks to promote yourself and make deeper connections with others.
Audio 6 -- Breakthroughs Connecting Online
Clearly outlines key elements of a good website/blog and e-newsletter, as well as many powerful follow-up resources to take your online business where you want to go.
Audio 7 -- Putting it All Together: Developing Your Action Plan
Synthesizes the previous material and puts it in the context of the "inner game" of marketing and abundance. This audio draws from the 7-part roadmap in our Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More book.

You will also receive 30-plus pages of handouts and worksheets to accompany the above material to guide you, provide follow-up resources and strategies, and to help create your action plan. 

These invaluable worksheets include How to Create Success Mindset Beliefs, Developing Your Niche, Your Benefit Statement, Getting Referrals and Testimonials, How to Give an Intro Session to Build Your Business, Website and Ezine Creation, Speaking and Giving Classes, and much more...

In addition, you will immediately get an e-Handbook that covers the audio material plus other important areas such as pre-planning and setting up your practice, disclosure forms, collaborations and more...

All of these elements will help make your marketing easier and more effective. The results? More clients, better income, and greater satisfaction in doing what you want so you can make the difference only you can make.

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"I loved these classes! They made such a difference in the way I viewed the world and my self-esteem. The great knowledge and tools that were so well taught by the Mountroses have become an essential part of my path. I've gone from a great interest in helping people to starting my own successful business with the tools I've been given in these classes."

--Anna Easter, Holistic Practitioner

How this Program is Different

This program builds on a proven model of how to market an alternative/holistic business. It will teach you proven marketing approaches, which can be customized for your business. It will give you the essential ingredients -- the tools, the critical knowledge, the strategies -- to succeed.

Also, built in throughout this program is a soul-based approach... to psychology, life purpose, and your contribution to making the world a better place.  Many talented people have failed in building a holistic business because they haven't been able to put things in perspective, to prioritize what they need. From our own experience and that of many others who've been successful, we will share with you how to link practice and principle together in a synergistic, sustaining way... that you can use for a lifetime.

We want to show you how to succeed, in a way that won't compromise you. Rather it will help you realize your dreams and higher aspirations. We will share a clear, practical overview of marketing along with a systematic way to build your business.

Now you can know how to  naturally express yourself and be heard so your business prospers. No hype or bs. Just the the right tools for the holistically minded, so  you will have the confidence to really help others and help the world.

"Through the Mountroses's classes, I learned how to empower myself and it is now my purpose to help others so they, in turn, can be empowered by connecting with their spirit within."

--Marion Hakata, Reiki Master/Teacher

Your Investment in this Program 

It would be hard to say exactly what this program is worth. It has a wealth of tools and practical knowledge you can use for the lifetime. It's a step-by-step home-study for you to build a practice and feel good about yourself.  

How much is it worth to have more confidence, clarity, and organization in building your business?
Certainly you will benefit financially if you apply the information.

As we all know, marketing materials can be pricey.
The "it takes money to make money" approach. Instead of charging a high price, however, we prefer to make this material very affordable so more spiritually-minded people can access it. In the process, we all win and make the world a better place.

So rather than paying hundreds of dollars for this program,
your investment for the audio tutorials, e-handbook, worksheets and bonus book and report has been kept very affordable with some special discounts listed below. 

Once your order is processed, you can access the online and PDF version of the handbook in a few short minutes.

"In the course of my professional career as a nurse and psychotherapist, I have studied with some of the most well-known authorities in healing, coaching and personal development. While I gained much information and many skills from these experiences, none of them have had the personal impact on my growth and development that I found in the course work with the Mountroses."

-- Linda Erlin, Nurse, Psychotherapist

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need to succeed.
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  Audio Program 9 hours plus of online audios, carefully designed in a step-by-step approach.

   Online E-Handbook PDF of How to Market Your Holistic/Spiritual Practice e-Handbook that ncludes bonus marketing materials and assembled handouts - Instantly available online

 30-plus Handouts/Worksheets

 BONUS 1: The Heart & Soul of Teaching ebook -
Teaching is one of the most powerful marketing tools you could ever develop. Our 60-page concise, information-packed resource book on how to give effective seminars, presentations, and introductory classes. An invaluable reference you will refer to for a lifetime.
  BONUS 2: "How to Create a Blog -- Made Easy" - Special Report
Learn the exact steps you need to create a blog -- definitely the way to go if you are setting up a website. Also if you already have a blog, learn easy ways to dramatically improve your blog and increase traffic..
Guarantee: I understand the program comes with a full 100% money back guarantee and that I can receive a full refund any time if I am not completely satisfied that using How to Market Your Holistic/Spiritual Practice helps my business to succeed
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