Discover Your Life Purpose Training: The Ultimate Journey to Living the Life You Were Born to Live

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Are you restless, knowing there must be a way to have more meaning in your life?

Perhaps you have challenges with health, relationships or work. Perhaps you are considering changing careers or your current path to have more depth and make a difference.

Or perhaps things are going well, but you know you can go deeper into what you are here to do.

The Ultimate Invitation

Oddly enough, all of your unrest can actually help you go forward. Your true self is asking you to step up and go fully on your path. It's time to help yourself and others and make the difference you came here to make. Now is the time to come more fully alive.

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you are on track, aligned with your soul's path. It provides the energy, enthusiasm and direction to live fully.

Without life purpose you are...
scattered, confused, off track, regressing and
slowly dying.

With life purpose you are...
clear, focused, on-track, aligned, progressing
and fully alive

Join us in the Discovering Your Life Purpose Course

The Discover Your Life Purpose Course is a ​4-session telecourse with Guidebook, handouts and video designed to align you with your soul purpose for greatest success, and consciousness  It's laid out step-by-step, showing you how to step onto your path of living your true purpose.

This short, practical course will help you answer "What is my soul's calling?" It will help you connect the dots and put it all together.

What might stop you...

It's normal to have a part of you holding you back. Resistance to your purpose can be because it's out of your comfort zone. A part of you might feel threatened or even feel like you are in survival mode ("Could I live successfully while fulfilling my purpose?"), however irrational this may be.

Common fears include "What if I fail?" "What if it's too much work?" Or simply fear of the unknown.

The truth is... it's harder fighting your life purpose, going against the tide, than aligning with it. Your intuition and reason will guide you. You will survive, and learn how to make friend with your fears. You can then thrive and make the difference you came here to make. It's just a matter of getting support and...

Get answers to these crucial questions...

  • How do I know my true purpose?
  • Is my purpose a "destiny," somehow pre-set, or do I choose it?
  • Do I have more than one purpose?
  • How do I stay in control of my life and live my life purpose?
  • What if I fail?
  • Is it too late to start my purpose?
  • What happens if I delay or put it off?

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

-- Neal Donald Walsch

If not now, when?​

With Discovering Your Life Purpose, you'll be able to...

  • Be more decisive and follow your heart
  • Fulfill goals, including larger-than-self goals
  • Make a difference and contribute to making a better world
  • Deal with fears that could stop you and even use them as allies
  • Live your truth and fulfill your calling

Details on the Exclusive Discover Your Life Purpose Course

​Preview to Your Purpose Course

Session 1
Your Purpose: What It Is and What It's Not

  • Learn how to understand what Life Purpose actually is
  • Discover the Five Myths about life purpose and what you really need to know
  • Ten stages in a life purpose breakthrough
  • Our new signature Gratitude Reframe Process with EFT tapping.

    * Includes handouts on The Gratitude Reframe Process with EFT and "The Life Purpose Activator" Exercise

Session 2
Clearing Life Purpose Blocks

  • Soul vs ego in life purpose. How to get aligned so you are working on all cylinders.
  • The Seven Spiritual Activations and developing Spiritual Intelligence
  • The powerful Reframe Process for spiritual development and clearing.

  • Your Greatest Lesson and Greatest Gift

    * Includes
    handouts on the 7 Spiritual Actiivations, Your Greatest Lesson & Gift, Soul Centering and Soul Centering Process audio

Session 3
Your Next Steps for Living Your Purpose

  • How to Body Test the 4 Essential Freedoms in Your Life to be pro-active in going forward with your life purpose.
  • Learn the Upward Success Spiral and how to avoid the Downward Failure Spiral 
  • Deeper success by using your own Ground Rules
  • The 7 strategic actions to succeed with your life purpose.
  • and more...

    * includes Ground Rules Handout and Body Testing Demo Video

Session ​4:  
​Answers to Your Most Important Questions on Life Purpose

    We will answer your questions on this all-important subject.


"The Life Purpose Breakthru System" Guidebook -- Tap into the Heart of Success & Your Most Extraordinary Life

This easy-to-read guide will take you step-by-step into discovering your life purpose. There are key strategic action plans and templates for determining and living your purpose.

Private Life Purpose Discovery Session

Receive an invaluable  1- on 1 personal 30-minute session with us. Get your questions answered and our input and support.

You can attend the call live for Free and there will also be a 24-hour replay of the call too.

About Phillip and Jane Mountrose

For 25 years the Mountroses have helped thousands of people through their trainings, publications, and research, including teaching Life Purpose their  Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program. They have written over 15 books and manuals on personal and spiritual growth and holistic healing.

Their mission to help create a world where "love is the guiding force, where the unique gifts that each individual brings receive honor and respect, where all are nurtured in allowing their gifts to blossom."

The Complete "Discover Your Life Purpose" Online Course includes:

    • Four Targeted Life Purpose Teleclasses (to download or listen to from your computer or mobile device) -- $97 value
    • 90-page Life Purpose Breakthru Guidebook- $67 value
    • All the handouts, self-discovery exercises and accompanying video -- $47 value

    • Private Life Purpose Discovery Session ($97 value)

    • Lifetime Accesstake the course at your own pace. You’ll also be able to return and review lessons for deeper meaning and even more clarity and confidence.

      Total Value -- $298 value -- Get Immediate Access

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What's it worth to discover your life purpose, and be on track with your life to make it the best it can be?

Gettingthru Heart

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"Discover Your Life Purpose" Online Course

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Note: This is part of Awakenings Continuing Education Courses designed for personal and professional development and for lifelong learning.

We look forward to working with you and helping you discover your life purpose and your next step. That will make a world of difference!

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