038: Making Peace with What is with Maria Lesetz

How do you change the negative self-talk into positive self-talk? It has to do with making peace with what is.

maria-lesetzIn this podcast episode below, we have an engaging conversation with Law of Attraction Happiness Coach Maria Lesetz.  In her upbeat style, she gives great advice and tips for overcoming adversity and moving into a more trusting, abundant and expressive life.

Learn how to deal with challenges and pivot to the positive. Maria also shares some of her own story of dealing with MS and obesity, with remarkable results.


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In this episode, some highlights from our happy coach include…

  • How awareness is your first step
  • Overcoming adversity and adversity as a wake up call
  • Powerful affirmations for making peace with what is
  • How important it is to express emotions
  • and much more
“How you feel is priority number one. ” –Maria Lesetz
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