Success, Love & Happiness: New Podcast Title and Logo

Success-love-happinessOur (almost) weekly podcast has changed its name and logo: Formerly “A Dose of Love & Happiness,” it’s now called “Success, Love and Happiness” with the new logo pictured to the left.

Here’s a description of the show which plays on itunes and plays right here on this site.

“If you are looking for a way to relieve stress, love yourself more, find true happiness and enjoy life every day — the Success, Love and Happiness Podcast is for you!

In short, you can use this practical, fun, enlightening information to be more successful and have a greater life. Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose are dedicated to bring you top experts — some of the happiest, successful, and most unconditionally loving people in the world — to share with you key techniques (like EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques), strategies, and the secrets of their amazing success in life.

Be sure to join us at for podcast highlights, special tips, and more + receive your Free “10 Powerful Doses of Love & Happiness” Special Report.”



Phillip and Jane Mountrose

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