What Exactly is Life Purpose?

We’ve noticed many people get stymied by trying to figure exactly what to do in order to follow their purpose. There seems to be some misunderstanding here. We’d like to help clarify.

Your life purpose is the big picture or big idea of your life. It’s the lens you focus through. It’s the direction you deeply desire to take. Sooner or later a vision or mission emerges.

Ours has to do with honoring everyone’s gifts and helping people fulfill their higher purpose.


stone napa wallTwenty years ago we got involved in a multi-level marketing system. It wasn’t a place we ultimately wanted to be, but we learned a lot about being an entrepreneur and setting goals through the experience. The goals we wrote back then virtually all came to pass, though often in unexpected ways.

By setting goals, you start to get clues about your bigger picture. Eventually, as you get clear on your purpose, your goals and vision will emerge from your deeper perspective.


This general overview — your purpose — will sooner or later become clear and perhaps evolve over time. In the meantime, know that life purpose is not an exact prescription of what you are to do.

For us, we write, consult and teach to help others fulfill their purpose. There are many activities that are aligned with your purpose. In other words, there is not one single right way to express your life purpose. These many activities all correlate and fulfill your deeper purpose.

The key point is to start taking action in what you feel is a positive direction for you. Sure there will be some dead ends. But at certain point for spiritual growth standing still means you get nowhere.

Just follow your passions and talents to explore your next step. You can never know exactly where it will take you. Your feelings can tell you if it’s aligned with your purpose, though.


pt lobs steps 2In the end, your actions are what you’ve got to show for that purpose you are meant to fulfill. Take your best shot. Expect the unexpected. Follow your inner guidance. It will work out.

And by following your purpose, and taking the many possible routes to fulfill it, you will create a fabulous life and help many people.

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Phillip and Jane Mountrose