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About Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

The combination of Jane and Phillip Mountrose is supportive in strength and deep in spirit. They help students move through doors that make dynamic differences in their lives."

                                      --Kathi Gibson, Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Artist

Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose are world renowned authors, energy healing experts, teachers and coaches.

The Mountroses help holistically-minded people to tap into “the heart and soul of success” with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), an amazingly fast and easy energy healing technique. Their enlightened approach helps people to expand their possibilities and learn powerful tools for joyfully creating confidence, clarity, and success.

EFT, Energy Healing, and Coaching for Success

The Mountroses are EFT experts, authors, teachers, and Founding Directors of the Heart of Success Academy, practicing as Ministers of Holistic Healing. They have devoted over two decades to exploring the fields of personal and spiritual development and building a successful holistic practice. Their passion in life and greatest joy revolve around helping people to overcome personal challenges, discover their life purpose, and create tremendous success.

Phillip and Jane have created tremendously successful and fulfilling lives for themselves, but it wasn’t always this way. Earlier in life, Jane was an architect and Phillip was a special education teacher. While they were successful in these areas, their deep interest in personal and spiritual growth drove them forward to learn more about overcoming the blockages that prevent people from experiencing joyful, fulfilling and successful lives.

Focus on Teaching

The Mountroses greatest joy is helping people to help themselves and share their unique gifts with the world. They especially enjoy empowering their students to create fabulous lives that surpass their wildest dreams.

Following their mission and purpose -- and helping others  



Since 1992, the Mountroses have taught courses in holistic coaching and energy healing in California. When they added EFT in 1997, it added even more power to their state-of-the-art practices. They are also featured speakers at conferences and events throughout the United States. Recently, they converted their training into an extensive EFT Coaching and Healing Certification Telecourse helping students around the globe to develop skills and market their practices.

The Mountroses have also written a dozen books and manuals that are sold worldwide. These include the some of the most popular books on EFT, as well as books on Spiritual Kinesiology, manifestation and more. They also mastered how to optimize success both locally and worldwide with an internet-based practice and share this knowledge to help their students to create successful professional practices.

Awakenings Institute

The Mountroses practice and offer their programs as Ministers of Holistic Healing and Founding Directors of The Heart of Success Academy's parent organization, Awakenings Institute. Awakenings in a non-profit organization with the mission of helping to create a world where love is the guiding force and the gifts that each individual brings are honored and nurtured. 


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