Miracle Reframe with EFT: Money and Relationships

Learn how to use this life-changing “Miracle Reframe” affirmation with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to tap into your potential for abundance with money, for relationships issues, and much, much more. There’s much to gain and essentially nothing to lose, so turn up your speakers and

The Miracle Reframe with EFT is one of the Mountroses many signature processes, which they call GTT (Getting Thru Techniques). The idea behind using GTT is it quickly and easily gets to core issues, to address the cause so they can be transformed and new life and energy emerges.

Wallace Wattles’ brilliant work, The Science of Getting Rich, proposed that you think and act in a certain way to create the life you want. What he didn’t address was what do you with the blocks that hold you back.

Common Abundance Showstoppers

Shouldn’t we be able to have the resources we need to live a fulfilled life to help ourselves and others? Wattles wholeheartedly agreed and lays out brilliant ideas for creating abundance in his book.

Even with this sage advice, what still holds us back? Usually internal blocks, from past programming or a negative environment. We grew up with adults, who were authority figures, who gave us a certain identity. Some of this was limiting. Such as we weren’t good enough. Or we weren’t deserving… or smart enough… and the list goes on…

These limiting beliefs keep playing out in our current adult life, even if we aren’t consciously aware of them. It explains why we sabotage ourselves and things don’t seem to work out the way we wanted.

Also our current environment may have unsupportive people. Even friends and family, sometimes well-intended to protect you,  can be oppositional to your heart’s desires.

There’s also the matter of blocks in the physical environment too. Disharmony (clutter, congestion, disrepair, etc) literally and energetically gets in the way.

All of these blocks (people and environments) can hold us back from thinking and acting in a certain way, as Wattles explains, to create the abundance we desire for a wonderful life.

Solutions for Abundance and More

That is why using the Miracle Reframe with EFT, demonstrated in the video above, and other easy-to-use, effective energy techniques are so powerful with abundance issues and more. They clear your mind, give you a reboot, so you can be in the right mindset to create the life  you want.

It’s well worth learning these versatile energy tools to live a greater life, now and for a lifetime.

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