Employee to Entrepreneur Mindset: Five Keys for Making the Transition

Looking for more freedom? Ready to take control of your life and make the transition from being an employee to becoming a successful entrepreneur with your own business? This generally requires a shift in mindset that many people overlook. As a result, most new businesses fail in the first year.

You obviously don’t want this to happen to you, so you need to educate yourself. To succeed in business and in life, you must first develop an entrepreneur mindset. No one is born with this skill. You have to develop it.

The Problem with Thinking Like an Employee

You probably know that if you think like an employee, you won’t ever have tremendous success in business and in life. Also, an “employee mindset” will make you vulnerable to failure when challenges arise in your business.

Entrepreneurs learn to thrive regardless of external circumstances, because they know that they alone create their success and they take responsibility for it. They believe in their dreams, in what they are doing, and in the positive differences they are making in other people’s lives.

Five Points About Making the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

1. As an employee, you work to realize other peoples’ dreams. As an entrepreneur and new business owner, your effort goes toward realizing your own dream. The key here is that you have to have a dream.

2. As an employee, discipline is imposed by others. Entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life through self-discipline. If you never do any work and never learn to manage your time, you won’t ever succeed as an entrepreneur.

3. When you are an employee, others fill some of the roles, like marketing, product production, & accounting. When you start your own business, you may be working alone, which means you have to learn to fill a number of different roles.

4. As an employee, you trade your time for a paycheck that generally won’t ever create an amazing lifestyle. To succeed as a highly profitable entrepreneur, you have to learn how to create passive and residual income that is not dependent solely on your time.

5. When you work for someone else, training and support are generally provided by the employer. When you start your own business, you are responsible for training yourself and finding your own support systems.

You may not have considered these kinds of things before, and they are all critically important if you want to make a successful transition from employee to entrepreneur and develop an entrepreneur mindset. The solution: follow a proven path to success by learning from people who have done what you want to do.

From this perspective, learning to be a successful entrepreneur is a tremendous source of personal growth. And for most people, it is the only way they will ever create the amazing kind of life they want to live. This brings us to a critical point:

You are here to live fully!

Whatever you do to create success in business and in life, follow your greatest joy and excitement!

Your excitement creates the momentum you need to stay focused as you transition from employee to entrepreneur when challenges appear on the path. This excitement also connects you with your reason for being alive, so it will take you where your heart really wants to go. This is the essence of an entrepreneur mindset.

Wondering where to go next?

Learn how you can start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur with our Home Business Success Secrets. The good news in anyone can do it, but there are clear reasons some people succeed while others fail.



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