Tapping into Your Potential for Success

It’s a little-known fact that everyone has tremendous untapped potential for success that’s longing to emerge. Some experts estimate that most people only use 5% of their brain power and these people are completely unaware of the awesome force that lies in their minds.

How to Make the Most of Your Mind and Your Potential for Success

An essential step in making the most of your mind is to look ONLY where you want to go. This is a success secret that is well known in sports, like golfing or basketball. And as the saying goes, keep your eyes on the prize. The question is how can you use it to tap fully into your potential for success?

As Napoleon Hill stated at the beginning of his famous book Think and Grow Rich, thoughts are things and powerful things at that. He didn’t come up with this title by accident. Our thoughts are more power than most people realize.

The fact is that we are creating with our thoughts all day long. The problem that arises is that most people think a lot more about what they don’t want than they think about what they do want. And what do most people get? We would submit that it is much less than they could if they accessed the tremendous reservoir of untapped potential housed in their minds.

Our thoughts about what is possible start with what we think about ourselves. How often do you think about how magnificent and successful you are? How often do you think about how your life and your income are getting better every day? On the other hand, how often do you criticize yourself for what you perceive as shortcomings and failures? How often to you bemoan your lack of money, love or anything else you might want?

The Secret to Tapping into Your Potential for Success

The good news is that you can start to turn negative self-talk around starting right now. The secret for tapping into your potential for success is to think highly of yourself, your special qualities, and where you are going. Remember, you have to look ONLY where you want to go. The challenge is that you have to do this often. Remember, you are what you think about MOST FREQUENTLY.

What might happen if every time you looked in the mirror, you stood up straight and repeated a  positive outlook statement to set the pace for the rest of your day? If you are like most people, you probably look at yourself in the mirror many times every day, so you could be offering some positive thoughts to yourself often.

Your Positive Outlook Statement

Here is an example of a positive outlook statement that might work well for an entrepreneur in training:

I AM MAGNIFICENT! I see the positive potential in myself and every person I meet. I am a great networker and I am getting better every day. I know I have what it takes to succeed. I deserve the best and I am grateful to see that wonderful things are happening in my life each and every day.

There is a tremendous need what I offer and I know many people are just waiting for the kinds of opportunities I can provide. I come from my heart, I love people, and they love me. I enjoy life and something positive comes from every contact I make.

It’s true. You ARE magnificent! If you review at this statement, you could probably come up with a way to customize it to fit perfectly into your situation. Then, just tape it on your bathroom mirror. Every time you see it, take a nice deep breath, stand up straight and tall (you’ll notice you feel better already), and read your Positive Outlook Statement to yourself WITH ENTHUSIASM. After a day or two, you will start to believe it. Then if you feel inspired, you can elaborate on it even more.

Another Success Secret, fill your mind with positive books every day. Even if you only read a few pages, which you can also do in the bathroom, your life will change and you will find yourself tapping even more into your potential for success.

More on Accessing Your Potential For Success

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