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Unique Transformational 2-CD Set  
Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT
(Emotional Freedom Techniques) & Energy Healing

Take Your Healing Skills to a Whole New Level
with energy-healing pioneer Dr. Phillip Mountrose interviewed by high-profile coach Craig Santini-G.

"What do you do if what you're trying with EFT isn't working?"

"What if a person is stuck inside his head and has difficulty expressing emotions?"

"How can EFT and energy healing help dissolve my negative beliefs? For example, can it help me heal my lack of self-confidence... and even help me find my dream job?"

These are just a few of the over 30 powerful, burning questions that are answered on this unique, information-packed CD Set, Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT and Energy Healing. (Other questions are below).
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As you may know, my wife and partner Jane Mountrose and I have created popular EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) books, CDs and DVDs, including Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT and The Heart & Soul of EFT & Beyond. We've received wonderful feedback on the powerful information in these materials. 

As many thousands of people around the world have experienced, EFT and energy healing are premier, leading-edge ways to heal and experience personal/spiritual growth.

As empowering as these tools are, people naturally want to go further with them.  Now I've revealed "inside secrets" on how to go even deeper and be more effective... and answers to your most-important questions and challenges around energy healing and EFT.

The art of healing is in the details and the subtleties. We've collected recurring, important questions from thousands of readers, clients, and students. In this 2-CD set, I share with you what you need to hone your own self-healing abilities, as well improving the results you'll get with others or clients. Whether you're new to EFT or already an expert, you'll find lots of new information, the latest developments in energy healing, and important insights to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

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You've been curious about many things concerning EFT and Energy Healing. Now you can hear nearly 2 hours of powerful information in this special audio. Here is  just a small sampling of the over 30 important questions that are addressed in detail in this unique audio set:

  • "How can I keep engaged when I don't get the results I want right away? I fall away from practicing then."

  • "What has proven to be the most effective EFT phrase in helping hard core, long-term overweight people to lose the weight for good?"

  • Also, be the first to hear about the Mountroses' exciting forthcoming book on Manifesting and EFT!... and much more.

There is much more... You'll discover specific ways to work with children and teens, including resistant ones. I discuss in detail how to reconcile your own physical/emotional problems with being an effective healer for others. You'll find out 5 important things to do if the intensity level (SUDs) is not going down. You'll also learn how energy healing relates to soul development. 

On this special audio set, I'm joined by another special contributor. Craig Santini-G. is a renowned international high-profile success coach and rapid-change specialist. He has an uncanny ability to ask and elaborate on just the right thing. He interviews me in two approximately 1-hour interviews. And of course there were many powerful questions submitted from people around the world who have longed to find answers.

I think you'll find the clear, enlightening answers will not only tremendously enrich your understanding, you can use this knowledge to transform your life. And the benefits will last a life time.

Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT and Energy Healing provides a rare opportunity to have all your burning questions and elusive issues answered... Sometimes you never know when you this will need this information, but when you do, you'll be glad you have it. 


Not only will you be receiving nearly 2 hours of fascinating and enlightening information, you will also receive these valuable bonus tracks:

1. For those new to EFT or wanting a helpful review, there is a detailed track on "How to Do EFT."

2. We have included one of our most transformational Getting Thru Techniques (GTT) called "The Holistic Process." This elegant process, which is referred to in the audio interviews, is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use ways to transform core issues. 

If you use the Holistic Process, like thousands have, you can create remarkable results on problems ranging from the physical to the spiritual levels. It produces complete healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual for lasting success. Listen to Jane Mountrose easily guide you through this process.

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