5 Things Our Dog Taught Us about Manifesting

We were observing our dog Sunny Sunshine eagerly take one of his many playthings from his toy basket.

And it struck us: Sunny is very good at manifesting.

We are talking about dog training... in reverse. In this case, our dog is training us. And we think this has been instructive.

So here are 5 simple things our dog taught us about manifesting:

1) Focus on what you want.

If Sunny wants a bone, a walk or to play, his intention becomes known. He climbs on our lap and licks our face. Or he gives us that look ("Throw the ball so I can get it").

How do you make your intentions known? What do you think, say and do?


2) Be present.

Dogs pretty much seem to live in the present. Admittedly, Sunny's needs are fairly basic such as eating, walking and playing.

When he eats, he enjoys his food. He enthusiastically bounds through the house chasing his toy balls. He's really into sniffing bushes and doing other things around them too.

It reminds us: don't put off living, and really appreciate your life moment by moment.

3) Be good with people.

Much of life comes through our relationships -- including our happiness, positive emotions and manifestations. Sunny seems to realize the power of positive relationships.

Even if he meets a stranger, he will immediately roll over and furiously wag his tail. For some reason, people can't resist petting him.

How can you improve your relationships?

4) Expect good things to happen.

Sunny may not know about positivity research: having three or more positive interactions to one negative encounter will dramatically increase your success.

But Sunny does consistently expect good thing to come his way: a bone, a toy, a meal, a fun romp, a person telling him how cute he is.

What do you expect to manifest for you?

5) Have a daily routine to promote manifesting.

Sunny's routine includes good food, treats, walks, playtime and a comfy bed. He sets himself up for success and acts accordingly.

What are your daily routines for success?

As you can see, Sunny's a happy guy and manifests a great life. Surely if he can do it, we can too.

Be the dog you are meant to be.

Our Dog

Phillip and Jane Mountrose