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Are You Closing Your Prosperity Gap?

Did you know that prosperity grows when you commit to it. So that begs the question how committed are you to your prosperity?

On our Heart of Success Blogtalk Radio Show we gave a few highlights from our “Close the Prosperity Gap” Teleseries. (You can still join us for these transformational interviews by  clicking here.)

In the “Close the Prosperity Gap” Teleseries, we interview EFT Experts and Professionals on their best prosperity tips and tools. Here are 4 highlights from the 4 shows so far:

* Money is just the superficial part. Underneath is the big part. It’s about consciousness. It’s important to feel wealthy, regardless of  your bank account or bills. Clear what’s  in the way with EFT.
(from Carol Look)

*  Don’t say “I can’t afford it,” especially to your children. Instead say I choose to not buy that now. You can also say I’m looking forward to having it; or I am excited about attracting that into my life.
(from Carol Tuttle)

* Prosperity is essentially about knowing you have more than enough. It’s also about being in the flow.
(from Brad Yates).

* Find something in your heart you want to provide and go for it!
(from Kevin Doherty)

We would add that as you reach out for prosperity and embrace it, you’re still not sure what will happen. Perhaps 80% will produce little or nothing — yet the other 20% can produce miracles.

The key is to take steps each day toward what you want.

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Phillip and Jane Mountrose