Be, Do and Have? The Spiritual Journey and Inner Awareness

Freedom could be defined as being, doing and having what you want. Be-do-have is about inner awareness and the spiritual journey we all take.

be-do-haveSome think if I “have” (things) and “do” things then I will “be” happy. Some think it’s the other way around. First “be,” then the doing and having will follow.

It may be more subtle and interesting than a simple formula would explain. Let’s take a look at “being-doing-having,” the holy (or sometimes not-so-holy) triad.


In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles famously asserted that we should have the resources we need to live fully, so we can accomplish our dreams and goals.

He noted that in the modern world we need sufficient resources to better ourselves and others. He also suggested this was not a justification for greed or overindulgence.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the world has finite physical resources, as evidenced by our alarming use and pollution of land, air, water and consequent environmental problems.

While it’s good to consume intentionally and be environmentally aware, many react in the opposite direction.

In an effort not to be greedy or materialistic, some may become fearful of any and every consumerism or commercial pursuit. It’s sort of a fundamentalist environmentalism, consciously or unconsciously warning of the evil of consumption.

We get lost in consumerism on the one hand, and evangelically fear materialism on the other. Yet…a more holistic solution emerges.


Studies show that people get more satisfaction from meaningful experiences than from just acquiring things. In other words, there are often deeper benefits from a dinner with a friend, for example, than acquiring a “possession.” Dining and traveling experiences still do cost money though.

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Here’s a recipe for happiness:

Does “having” something promote the good, the true and the beautiful?

Does your life flourish with what you experience, what you acquire? In other words, will you be better off by having something.

Will you feel good, now and in the future? How will it affect others?

So there is a balance and purpose that comes into play. How do my purchases balance and enrich my life?[/contentbox]

We have certain basic needs, but keep in mind that life is surely more than surviving on the bare minimum. There may not be much fun or purpose in that minimalist approach.

Having things (possessions and experiences) can be put in a clearer light by seeing the purpose they serve. Consider how it is helping you — to enjoy, to create, to research, to serve or to do whatever gives your life meaning.


Some of the answers about “having” come from “being” and “doing.” To “be” means you connect with your essence. Ultimately, like spokes on a wheel, you sense how connected you are to the source.

As you strengthen your being, you are more at one-ment. You feel source moving though you. A greater energy, like a wonderful wind, creates life in and through you.

This inner awareness leads to “doing” certain activities; such as moving, performing, meditating, socializing. It includes following your intuition, regardless of logic.

The being and doing intertwines with having. Going back to Wattles’ advice, “having” resources gives you the wherewithal to live an extraordinary life. It enables you to be the creator you truly are.

So “having” connects with “being.” It’s a two-way street.

You are empowered by resources (having) and your inner intelligence guides you to the resources for you and others (being and doing).


Some concluding thoughts on being-doing-having and the spiritual journey…

  • Part of this be-do-have spiritual journey is to have fun.
  • By “doing” what you love, you are in the timeless flow, where spirit hangs out.
  • Mindful being-doing-having leads to a purposeful life.

Getting right with being, doing and having can create a profound inner awareness.

[contentbox width=”400″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”none” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”C2DFFC” radius=”0″]It reminds us of the T.S. Eliot poem:

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”[/contentbox]


Enjoy the journey, including all the things you choose to be, do and have along the way!


Phillip and Jane Mountrose