Become Your Own Holistic Coach

Free Teleclass with Phillip and Jane Mountrose

ARE YOUR WONDERING ABOUT YOUR NEXT STEP or how best to move forward with your life?

Maze of QuestionsIn this Free Teleclass, you will learn how to clarify your deeper life purpose for far greater joy and fulfillment in your life. Successful people learn how to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

Find out the precise practical steps to have the best life possible. Get your questions answered.

We’ve been training people in EFT and coaching for over 20 years through our trainings and many books and videos. Let us share with you some of the best information we have!

WHAT: Become Your Own Holistic Coach– Free Teleclass

WHEN: Thursday, September 27, 6pm PT/9pm ET

ENROLL BELOW NOW! This is a critical coaching tip. If  you want to create a better life, the only time is now and this opportunity may not come your way again.

In this Free Teleclass, you will learn:

  • a 7-Part Roadmap to Success, which includes bringing the soul’s reality down to earth, enlisting the support of the universe, and taking right action
  • Specific powerful strategies for overcoming your past and what stands in your way now
  • Use EFT and our signature Reality Shift with EFT process to remove blocks to fulfill your dream and life purpose
  • A live demonstration of clearing issues and specific ways to follow up for extraordinary success
  • And much more…

The choices you make today will directly affect your future tomorrow… and the rest of your life. Plug in to the easiest ways to make heart-centered choices for you.


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