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Belief Buster Process with EFT: Removing Limiting Beliefs

How do you get past that limiting belief? You know, the one that stops you from creating wealth, health, or relationships. Turn up your speakers and watch this video now, as Phillip helps Deborah with her mindset about starting a new business.


Responsibility Disclaimer

Phillip Mountrose helps Deborah bust through limiting beliefs about starting her new business with the help of EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and holistic coaching. EFT and holistic coaching work well to create abundance on different levels.

Specifically, the Belief Buster Process is one of the Mountroses signature Getting Thru Techniques (GTT) that combine with EFT to get quicker and deeper results.

You see there are different levels of beliefs, sometimes called a psychological reversal or sabotaging effect. You can be stuck at a global level where you feel no one in your situation can improve. Or you feel that others can do it, but not you.  The Belief Busters Process addresses this core challenge elegantly and effectively. Study it carefully.


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Phillip and Jane Mountrose