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003: Udana Power | Ways to be Happier and More Loving Every Day

Welcome to the “A Dose of Love & Happiness” Podcast!

We knew we were in for a treat in this interview with Udana Power. We always enjoy basking in the energy of one of the most loving and happy people we know.

You’ll definitely feel the vibes as Udana shares a lifetime of simple wisdom that has made her happy and highly successful in business and in life.

udana-powerUdana has gone through the ups and downs of life and she came out on top. She is an actress and screenwriter. After running into health and financial problems twenty years ago, she was able to remarkably rejuvenate her health and wealth by Network Marketing, through Isagenix,  a no-compromise company for living healthier and longer. (To find out more about how Isagenix can help you call us at 805-931-0129).

Would you like some ways to be happier and more loving every day?

Listen as Udana as shares a four-step process with simple keys she used to change her life and become the contagiously lively, happy and loving person she is today.


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In this show, you’ll learn…

  • How easy it can be to change your perspective on love and happiness
  • Ways you can appreciate others more
  • Powerful Keys for inspiring others as well as yourself
  • Udana’s 4-step process for how to be more loving and happy every day

001: The Awesome Power, Wisdom & Intelligence of the Heart

 Welcome to the “A Dose of Love & Happiness” Podcast!

love-and-happiness-smallThis premier show reveals how you can enlist the awesome power, wisdom and intelligence of the heart to overcome stress and enjoy life to the fullest.

On this podcast, we (Phillip & Jane Mountrose) will share our best tips on how to relieve stress, love yourself more, find true happiness, and enjoy every day. We will interview top experts, too.

Are you ready to access the awesome power, wisdom and intelligence of the heart?

If so, you will discover key techniques (like EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques), strategies, and the secrets of amazing success in life from some of the happiest and most loving people in the world. You can even become one of them.  Just tap into the power of your heart.


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In this show, you’ll learn…

  • Phillip & Jane’s story of how they went from burnt out teacher and architect to expert coaches, pioneer energy healers, and successful trainers and authors.
  • Important statistics and insights on how stress affects your life and how to control stress
  • the Birth of the Love and Happiness Movement
  • The mission of the “Dose of Love and Happiness” and how it can make a difference for you
  • How EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can draw in more heart intelligence and wisdom

Tap into the Power of Your Heart Now

You don’t have to wait another day to access the power that lies within you. We all talk about following our hearts and feeling promptings in our hearts, but few of us question what this means. When you relax, breathe, and focus on the promptings in your heart, you may uncover wisdom you never imagined within yourself.

Science has shown that accessing the wisdom and intelligence in the heart can transform your life in amazing ways. The key to your success lies within you and the only time you have is now. May this be your time!

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