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How to Invite the Miraculous into Your Life

the-miraculousMost would welcome something miraculous into their lives. A miracle is something exceeding your expectations… something unexpected…, something wonderful and uplifting.

One of the best ways to create miracles is to understand them better. That way you can recognize the miracles around you and manifest more into your life.


Miracles defy the odds. They are unexplainable, and go beyond scientific analysis. They bridge the natural with the supernatural.

Remarkably, miracles transcend logic yet we can use our reason to better understand them.



How to Have a Conscious Loving Relationship: Four Secrets

successful-marriageWe all experience success in different areas of our lives. One big area is conscious loving relationships.

The question is how do you do it?/


Knowing HOW you create success can create more abundance in your life.

My wife and I have been fortunate to have success in our careers, finances and health. In this article, we want to share an area that has been increasingly wonderful for us: our successful marriage of 33 years.

Here are four secrets about how we created a thriving, long-term relationship:

1. Choose a long-term loving relationship based on your thoughts and feelings.

For romantic relationships, there are countless people where you have a physical attraction. This attraction is based on body type (as we describe in our Soul Purpose Course) among other things.


How to Have a Great Day Today

How do you have a great day today?

How do you have a great day today? As Phillip explores in the short video, it’s relatively easy. If you remember… This is the second in the series of how to have a great day each day. Here’s the first post.

Two Tips

Here are two tips to have a great day each day. These tips are drawn from our book Tap into the Power of Love and Happiness with EFT: 12 Simple Ways to Have a Great Day Every Day at Amazon.

Learn how to tap into the power of love and the power of the mind and have a great day, every day. In other words, boost your love and happiness. One is gratitude. But it can be more than listing off what you are grateful for, although that can be good too.

What’s better is explaining aloud, or in writing, why you are grateful. “I’m grateful for my partner because…. she is wonderful and caring. She’s steadfast and always there for me.”

Instead of I’m grateful for my job, list what you like about it (the people, the assignments, the creativity, the conditions,,, you get the idea). Gratitude is more than just being thankful and appreciative. It is a powerful energy that can catapult your day into the happiness zone. Start and end your day with gratitude.


Second is affirmations. Say good things about yourself, aloud. Practice in the mirror. “I am a great person, a success magnet.” “Wonderful things are happening today!” Say it about yourself with energy and enthusiasm. Use big gestures like outspread arms. Have a great day today. /

Find out more here. about our new Amazon book: /

Tap into the Power of Love and Happiness with EFT





037: Have a Great Day Each Day

Why not decide to have a great day today?

 In this podcast episode, we discuss how to feel good each day. And  it’s surprisingly easy too.

It’s one of the 12 tips from our book Tap into the Power of Live and Happiness with EFT: 12 Simple Ways to Have a Great Day Every Day at Amazon. Learn how to tap into the power of love and the power of the mind and have a great day, every day. In other words, boost your love and happiness.

download the audio

In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Getting up on the right side of the bed
  • How to have a good night’s sleep
  • Focusing on what you can see to start off the day right
  • Focusing on positive memories to start a positive momentum for the day
  • Knowing the value of feeling good and the opportunities it brings to you
  • Dealing with challenges and more…


Find out more here. about our Amazon book:
Tap into the Power of Love and Happiness with EFT






Happy Tap — Say “Yes” with EFT Tapping (Signature Technique)

Learn a short and very effective EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping — for more success, love and happiness, better health and more.

In this original technique created by the Mountroses, Phillip Mountrose shows you how to simply say “yes” to what you want… starting now. Turn on your speakers and …



Responsibility Disclaimer

EFT, the premier energy technique, can be miraculously effective by itself. When you combine it with the “Yes” affirmation in this video, the results can be… yes… remarkable.

The Power of  Love and Happiness.. and Yes

All references to the Jim Carey Movie that humorously portrayed “the power of yes” aside, the word “Yes” is undeniably powerful. It offers many immediate benefits.

For example…. when you muscle test to assess a strength or weakness a person has to something (material or immaterial, say a food or thought), a baseline test can be to say “yes” or “no.” When pressure is exerted on the muscle, the testee generally tests strong (muscle firm) to saying “yes” and weak to saying “no” (muscle weak).

In other words, the word — and energy — “yes” bypasses our thinking, rational mind. “Yes” goes right to the unconscious. In contrast, “no” tells us what we want to avoid. No is negative, negating. Yes is positive, affirming.

There’s More to Yes


Be, Do and Have? The Spiritual Journey and Inner Awareness

Freedom could be defined as being, doing and having what you want. Be-do-have is about inner awareness and the spiritual journey we all take.

be-do-haveSome think if I “have” (things) and “do” things then I will “be” happy. Some think it’s the other way around. First “be,” then the doing and having will follow.

It may be more subtle and interesting than a simple formula would explain. Let’s take a look at “being-doing-having,” the holy (or sometimes not-so-holy) triad.


In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles famously asserted that we should have the resources we need to live fully, so we can accomplish our dreams and goals.

He noted that in the modern world we need sufficient resources to better ourselves and others. He also suggested this was not a justification for greed or overindulgence.


018: Julia Rogers Hamrick | Choose Easy World

What if you could enter a higher vibrational world, an inspiring realm, an Easy World? It may be easier than you think…Julia_Rogers_Hamrick_hi-res-sm

In this episode, we interview Julia Rogers Hamrick, who is the author of Choosing Easy World. She is an engaging, innovative thinker and spiritual teacher.

Julia reveals  the “formula” of how to live in easy world, regardless of your challenge. Isn’t it time to leave difficult


download this audio

In this episode, some highlights include…

  • The choosing easy world formula.
  • How easy world is everyone’s birthright, a higher vibration that can inspire you to live with more love and fulfillment.
  • How to recognize that you have a choice to trust the universe
  • How exercise and relaxation can incline you to easy world
  • Examples of choosing easy world

“Rise above and play at a new level of the human game, where you are empowered and can choose more love, creativity, wisdom and fulfillment.” –Julia Rogers Hamrick



5 Things Our Dog Taught Us about Manifesting

We were observing our dog Sunny Sunshine eagerly take one of his many playthings from his toy basket.

And it struck us: Sunny is very good at manifesting.

We are talking about dog training... in reverse. In this case, our dog is training us. And we think this has been instructive.

So here are 5 simple things our dog taught us about manifesting:

1) Focus on what you want.

If Sunny wants a bone, a walk or to play, his intention becomes known. He climbs on our lap and licks our face. Or he gives us that look ("Throw the ball so I can get it").

How do you make your intentions known? What do you think, say and do?


015: How to Manifest — Life Purpose and Law of Attraction

Learn how to manifest your life purpose and get your law of attraction questions answered.aurora=borealis

In this episode, we answer our readers most important questions on manifesting. Specifically in this part 1 of 2 shows, we address how to get clear on your life direction (finding and living your life purpose).

Also we go in to addressing stubborn questions on manifesting using the law of attraction principles.


download this audio

In this episode, some highlights include…

  • How to get clear on what you want
  • Aligning your soul path and best interests with what you want to manifest
  • Multitasking and manifesting
  • Right actions to manifest using the law of attraction
  • Spiritual detachment and the law of attraction and more…

“Put the wind behind you. Create a positive environment to facilitate manifestation.” — Phillip Mountrose