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Being in Flow: The Right Place at the Right Time

Don’t you love being in the right place at the right time? Let’s look at how you can do that every day.

There are 3 aspects of being in the right place at the right time. Each aspect reinforces the other ones.


What is your bigger purpose, beyond just surviving? When you use your gifts and skills to help others, when you have a mission statement, you live on purpose. The idea is to have a vision of a better world — not just generically wanting to help people.

It may involve performing, helping children, offering a service or product. When your life revolves around your passionate purpose, you know you are on track. Your life has daily direction and meaning.


Just because you’re on purpose doesn’t mean life is always a breeze. Challenges regularly occur. Here’s the secret: become keenly aware of how you respond to those challenges.

There are 2 kinds of obstacles: one coming from intention, the other from inattention. In the first case, you are on track; in the other, you are off track.

The first kind of challenge naturally arises when you go for your dreams and goals and things get in the way. These can come from outside conflicts as well as your own internal doubts.

Being in the flow includes doing what it takes. Realize that opportunities may be inconvenient. You may need to just hang in there — and sometimes reinvent yourself.

The second obstacle comes when we get off track. At times we are inattentive and careless. Then stuff happens; we get a speeding ticket or make an inconsiderate comment. We may deviate by following bright shiny objects (like a young child), ending up wasting time and money.

 Whether we are navigating staying the course or needing to get back on track, we can still do one thing: Make any situation into an opportunity.

To help, use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to set your thoughts and feelings aright.

As you take charge of your life, use your setbacks to grow. Look for the good in the sometimes crazy obstacles that you face.

It’s comforting to know you can use any experience in your life. Put those painstaking experiences into your compost pile and watch how they fertilize your dreams and goals.


Overall, you feel good when you are on track. You realize, sometimes with a groan, that the setbacks will lead you to where you want to go. It may mean finding a creative solution, persevering or just being more aware.


What does a day of being in the right place at the right time look like?

You’re intent on leading a rich, purposeful life. You want to help yourself, others, and the world in a greater way. Like the Energizer Bunny, you keep on going.

When you experience loss, you find a way to feel better in the moment. You grow and learn. You become continually grateful for all you have.

You wake up and realize, “I’m in the right place at the right time!”


So you continually lead a purposeful life, deal with setbacks, and feel as good as you can (the 3 keys). You then are well-positioned to be in the right place at the right time.

It’s all part of the journey. And if you know where you want to go, it’s much easier to enjoy the ride.


What is Intuitive: Following Your Fears or Intuition?

Are you following your intuition? Sometimes we find that people end up following their fears and thinking its their “guidance” or being intuitive.

What is intuitive? The meaning of intuition has to do with listening to your gut, and your inner intelligence. Let us clarify, first with a little background on us.

Our long-time driving force is living a soul-inspired life. We seek to align consciously with infinite intelligence as much as possible each day.

We attribute our success to “keeping the faith” in this approach. Living a wonderful life in a beautiful area and house, doing what we love (training and publishing), networking and helping others has been a true blessing.

Yet we’ve definitely had our share of setbacks along the way as we continued taking “leaps of faith.” It does take some perseverance and staying the course.


From what we’ve learned, we teach people to follow their deeper wisdom and hunches. Being receptive to your intuition is the internal feminine part of your being.

The gap can come in following your guidance, the masculine/doing action part of yourself.

The challenge may go something like this…

I have this calling to be a healer/coach/networker/ start a business or whatever is inspiring. But when it comes to taking action (training, investing, marketing), obstacles naturally arise.

A common reaction then is, “Maybe it’s not for me”; “I’ll do it later”; or “My intuition is telling me not to go ahead because of this resistance.”

There may be some truth in any of these responses. It’s likely, however, that your fears and doubts are clouding your guidance. Instead of following your hunches, then negative self-talk prevails: “What if it fails?” “I probably can’t do it anyway.”


When you do rise from the competitive to the creative plane, as Wallace Wattles described, things look differently. You are then divinely guided. You access what physicists call the nonlocal mind, which transcends time and space.

You see your possibilities and what you can accomplish — how you can help yourself and others. Fear does become a legitimate warning system at appropriate times. If you are climbing a mountain and the path is slippery, you take extra caution.

If you are starting a new venture (say, a new training or business ), you may need extra effort and patience to succeed. The idea is to bring heaven down to earth, to integrate the creative plane into your daily life.

Challenges and stress naturally occur. Overcoming obstacles and rising to the occasion then is part of the journey to a greater life. That’s how you make progress.

In other words, having challenges when acting on your guidance doesn’t mean that your original insight was wrong. It often means that you are being tested. Following through on your hunches builds character and fulfills your deeper purpose.


Many of us can get lost in our internal world and feel separate. We can be fearful of offending others, too.

Once you actually follow your guidance, however, you add value to yourself. You add value to yourself by

~ studying

~ investing

~ enlisting support

~ and taking specific actions.

Then you truly are able to help others, rather than getting stuck for fear of criticism or making a mistake.


Following your guidance and intuition is a journey. We all have times of getting off track, and maybe even fooling ourselves by blaming others and outside circumstances.

Forgive yourself. Then decide to move forward… starting today.

The goal is to keep spiraling up — from stepping out of the crowd, to embracing yourself, to more fully expressing yourself.


So what is your next step in following your intuition? It may be just finishing a small task. Or perhaps talking to someone you’ve avoided. Doing the small things makes it easier to do the big things.

To be sure, following your guidance doesn’t mean there are no challenges or glitches. You still need to prepare and do your homework.

Of course, doubts and fears will arise. Following though sometimes means feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Let yourself be courageous. You can do it!




Your Success System

Phillip Mountrose shows a mini-coaching success system to achieve your dreams and goals.




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Success Beyond Belief — Special Teleclass Replay Link

Two of the most powerful words in the world are “I am.” What do you attach to those words…?

Is your use of those words creating a life you love, or keeping you stuck in something that might be okay, but not quite all you’d like it to be…?

Brad Yates

In this special call replay link, we (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) interviewed Brad Yates, who eloquently discussed and tapped about how to make positive changes in how you use those words.

Whether you want to make changes in your relationships, or in your career, or with your physical health… as you’ve no doubt heard it said many times before…

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Unless you are perfectly satisfied with the results you are already getting, you need to do different things – or, in some cases, do things differently. But let’s face it, trying to change what you do without changing how you see yourself is difficult, if not impossible.

You will never outperform your self-image. So… it’s time to see yourself as someone who can achieve success!

If you are ready to start living the life you really want (or are at least willing to be ready…) listen for free to this

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Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm, loving, powerful, effective, transformative force for good. I totally endorse his work.”             –Jack Canfield



Reality Creation: Are You a Victim or Creator?

We are all creators, if we choose to be. How do you have conscious creation? Let us explain…

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, surveyed about 16,000 people about success.

Here’s what he found: only about 5% of people were successful, meaning they enjoyed their work, were prosperous and had an ongoing feeling of fulfillment. They were creators.

Creators don’t view themselves as victims, and act accordingly — as persons who craft their own lives.

Here are 5 key steps to create success so you can become a conscious creator:

[list style=”arrowred”]
    • Get a dream.

      Your “why” can be a big picture, a larger vision of your life. For us, we envision creating a more caring, prosperous and collaborative world. Without a dream, how can you have your dream come true, as the song goes. Writing it down will cement it and speed up the process. Be as specific as you can when you write it down.  Most people lack this fundamental part of being a creator, so this should be a top priority.

    • Specify a chief aim.

Napoleon Hill cites successful people as those who focus daily on want they want to achieve — a project, an income, a business, better health or relationships. Be sure when you “think” about the goal, you feel good. In other words, you expect it to happen, even if you don’t know how (which is often the case).

If your aim is too big, shrink it so it’s achievable. And when you think about your aim you get excited. You know it’s going to happen.

Think about this aim as often as possible.

  • Be pro-active, not reactive.
    Live your life so it moves forward, living your dream and realizing your chief aim.Watch for making mountains out of molehills. This means responding to each situation, not reacting to it. Be steady and as calm as possible. Breathe.

Use your mind to seek the resources you need. If an unexpected expense came up, are you reacting or responding? Just being pro-active will often help you be ready for the unexpected as much as you can.

In short, take charge of your life. If it is to be, it’s up to me. Remember you are a creator, not a victim.

  • Learn from every setback.
    Napoleon Hill pointed out that each adversity holds the seed for an opportunity. For those who see themselves as “unlucky,” they view misfortune as “it always happens to me.” They use bad luck to confirm their victim mindset. The “lucky” people find the silver lining in troublesome times. They learn and grow, knowing their dreams and chief aim are coming true.
  • Be persistent.It’s said that successful people do what others won’t do. They keep going and going and going, somewhat like the Energizer bunny. If they fall down, they get back up.After all, how could you quit on your dream? It would make life dull and empty, and it’s self-destructive.




In our lives, for many years we were looking for a social network of like-minded people (a dream). Even though we sometimes felt alone in the wilderness, we followed our intent to find an uplifting group (chief aim), trusting it would somehow happen.

When a group of people turned out to not be the right fit for us, we keep on seeking (proactive). We appreciated the group, even if it wasn’t what we were looking for (learn from setbacks). And we persisted.

Now we have found a wonderful network of people, one that supports people in accomplishing their dreams and goals. This group has actually exceeded our expectations.

[contentbox width=”400″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”dotted” bordercolor=”940C1E” dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”F5F5F5″ radius=”2″]


You can create success and experience conscious creation.

We outlined 5 key to-do’s in this article on becoming a creator. Here are a few don’t’s:

* don’t be average

* don’t compare yourself to others – be yourself

* don’t live our others’ dreams; follow your own

* don’t settle – you do deserve better

* don’t give up on having a greater life, ever

You are so worth it. Here’s to you, fellow creator!




5 Ways to Start the New Year Right!

The energy of the new year is here. Now is the time to appreciate where you’ve been and get excited about where you are going!

Here are 5 easy ways to get off to a fresh start:

1. Affirm to have a great day.

You can affirm to have a great day… today! You will have a better day, each and every day you affirm it, even if what happens surprises you. Remember that things that happen to us are usually things we believe will happen to us. Claim your right to enjoy today.

Affirm, “Wonderful things are happening today!”

2. Be spontaneous.

Break those old patterns. Try something new. Taste a different food. Travel a scenic route. Read a book you ordinarily wouldn’t.

Give for the sake of giving. Be happy for no particular reason. Beware though: this spontaneous behavior may lead to moments of bliss.

3. Say hello to strangers.

A caveat here: greet those who appear receptive. Smiling at everyone else is usually harmless. Spark a conversation with the cashier who has a smile on her face (or who is willing to smile). Say hello to the person at the coffee shop that appears friendly.

A good question we like to ask is, “What has been the highlight of your day?” If the person draws a blank, then suggest that the highlight is coming soon.

4. Value those you love.

Familiarity might not breed contempt. But it can lead to lifeless patterns for those who are actually dearest to us.

Tell those close to you how much you appreciate and love them regularly. Notice and openly appreciate the little things and they’ll multiply. Remember that time is short and they won’t always be there.

After all, they make your life shine so why not add a sparkle to theirs?

5. Find the good in others.

“Be hearty in approbation and lavish in praise,” Charles Schwab once revealed as a secret to his success.

Look for something to sincerely admire in others. Everyone has gifts and talents. Yet all of us are rarely acknowledged.  Become an ardent acknowledger. Good things come to everyone that way.

[contentbox width=”450″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”ridge” bordercolor=”060F8F” dropshadow=”3″ backgroundcolor=”F5F5F5″ radius=”0″]Implement any or all of these suggestions, and we think you will have an extraordinary year![/contentbox]


Radiation Effects from Japan and EFT

The holistic Dr. Phil guides you through some EFT tapping and affirmations that can optimize your health and well-being, while eliminating anxiety of radiation effects. We also do a Miracle Reframe with EFT process to help everyone.

Reinhold Niebuhr’s “The Serenity Prayer” can help comfort us in tragedies like the Japanese tsunami and radiation exposure:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

What are some affirmations you would suggest to help out with anxiety about radiation effects from Japan?


Have You Found Your Peaceful Place?

Phillip Mountrose, the “Holistic Dr. Phil” and the creator with his wife Jane Mountrose of some of the most popular books and media on EFT, shares the beauty of Nojoqui Falls, California with you and how to use it for de-stressing and well-being.

Finding a peaceful place, whether in your mind or in an external image, can make all the difference in the world.

How do you de-stress?


How You Can Have More Confidence

How to Have More Confidence. Find out three easy ways to boost your confidence now.

How do you gain more confidence?

Phillip Mountrose discusses in this short, concise video three ways to improve your confidence.

  1. Recognize where you are and are not confident
    Consider the four main areas of work, relationships, money and health
  2. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t.
    To succeed, make your affirmations believable and achievable. Instead of “I am debt free,” “I can take steps to get out of debt.”
    Chunk it down.
  3. Accept that you are more confident in some areas than others. Appreciate and bolster the strong areas; be realistic and make efforts to improve where you are weak.

A Special Course For Building More Confidence …

To get more tips, tools and skills for building confidence and self-esteem, see our Confidence Building ToolKit Course here

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