012: Using Challenges as Opportunites: Managing Time, Money and Injustices

How to you use your challenges as opportunities… to create growth and even more love and happiness?

In this information-rich podcast, we offer practical tips for some of your toughest challenges. Our subscribers submitted questions around managing time, dealing with injustice and money worries.  


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Managing your time well and your priorities
  • Wallace Wattles advice from The Science of Getting Rich
  • Money and your instinctive brain
  • Cultural roles around money
  • and more…

Manage your time and money today and you will be happier now and later. Celebrate that You are a work in progress.

“It is essential to his happiness that he should continually advance.”

~ Wallace D. Wattles from The Science of Being Great


Phillip and Jane Mountrose