How to Create Your Destiny

the woman keeps in hand globe on background sky.What is your destiny and how can you create it?

We view destiny as making empowering choices to realize your brightest future.

It’s not fixed or pre-destined. Destiny is about choosing to thrive more than just survive. Your destiny emerges from following your deeper desires and heartfelt impulses.

Yes, there are influences: karma (past actions), genetics, environment and ancestry. As biologist Bruce Lipton has pointed out, however, your beliefs directly affect your DNA and genes.

William Wallace noted,  “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

You can author your life. In effect, you become your own director with creative control of what you plan and experience, in contrast to just living day to day on autopilot, or being a hopeless victim of circumstances.

Here’s how to create your destiny…

1. See the bigger picture.

What are your interests and passions– and how would you like them to play out? There is a grand design to things and your life can be a beautiful part of it. Become conscious of the part you can play…

Consider how you would like to help the world, being of use and, in turn, receiving benefits, both by giving and receiving.

2. Set your intentions.

Now that you are getting a sense of the larger “you” that you can become, keep that in mind as a guide for your self-development.

Your intentions are key. Be on purpose, intentional.

What do you intend with your career,
your calling,
your health,
your relationships?

Create a healthy environment for yourself. Healthy habits will strengthen your intentions, such as

healthy eating
sufficient rest
positive associations
play time

Also, “All great achievements require time,” as Maya Angelou says. Be the best you can be every day, and over time, watch what happens.

Your intentions will have up and down results. Celebrate the successes and forgive the mistakes while learning from them. Nonetheless keep going with your destiny; it’s a marathon not a sprint.

3. Follow your heart.

Use your intuition as well as your logic. This right-left brain, yin-yang combination will help establish your intentions. As you clarify your intentions, it’s easier to take inspired action.

Following your heart tells you what to trust (what you can count on) and what is untrustworthy.

Here are two other related factors to following your heart:

First, figure out what an external event indicates. Does a challenge (more time, more money) mean it’s a warning sign to stop or reconsider?  Or do you need to make more efforts to succeed?

If it’s hard to complete your studies, for example, is this a sign that it’s out of alignment with your interests?  Or that you need to make some adjustments, or take actions to complete something that you know is worth the effort.

Using your heart and mind, you can sense when things aren’t working out, that blocks are in the way. Find a way to clear them through EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology or by getting support. Your life is a journey with obstacles, which can spur you on as you overcome them, or stop you dead in your tracks.

Second, remember to be patient, a challenge for many of us. Keep listening, keep watching. It can take time to progress. Remember to ground yourself as you embrace the unknown where your destiny unfolds.

4. Be grateful.

Oh yes, that reminder. Gratitude is the all-purpose solvent for problems, as well as keeping you on track for fulfilling your destiny.

Be grateful for
what you have
what you have done
opportunities that come your way…

In spite of our challenges, much has been given to us. It’s uplifting to receive and appreciate the good things (the people, support, experiences, success) in your life.


To recap: see the bigger picture; set your intentions; follow your heart; and be grateful.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seed you plant, ” said Robert Louis Stevenson.

Those “seeds’ are our deeper desires. To fulfill your destiny, it’s important to clarify and nurture your intentions. Some seeds will take root and grow.

Harvest time will come, even if you don’t know when or how. Rest assured. It’s nice to know that you can create a wonderful destiny.


Phillip and Jane Mountrose