024: Eloisa Ramos | How to Practice Compassion with EFT and More

Learn how to overcome challenges through practicing compassion with EFT, muscle testing and more.

Eloisa-RamosIn this podcast episode, we have a revealing conversation with Eloisa Ramos, author of Beyond Self-Esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-Worth.

Drawing on her experience of integrating Mexican and American culture, Eloisa Ramos shares some fascinating stories and tips on how to help your self as well as your social identity.

Born in Mexico in 1960, Eloisa moved to California in 1968. In 1983 she graduated from Stanford University. In 1999 she looked for “another way” to help her children with asthma and substance sensitivities. She worked with Reiki, Bach Flowers, and Natural Healing. In 2005 she learned EFT tapping.

In an eloquent and insightful way, Eloisa shows us how to remove negative thinking and beliefs. Ranging from helping her mother deal with Alzheimer’s to helping preople deal with forgetting things, she shares profound insights in a natural, easy-to-understand manner.

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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Mexican and American culture and dealing with differences
  • A lesson from The Course in Miracles on how “all things work for the good”
  • Practical tips and strategies for dealing with Alzheimer’s
  • Using EFT tapping for dealing with forgetting things
  • Looking inside to go from survival mode to your deeper self
  • And much more

“Why be angry when can have peace? Tools like EFT can teach us how to release anger.” — Eloisa Ramos



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