004: End Stress and Find True Happiness

Welcome to the “A Dose of Love & Happiness” Podcast!

In this show, we (Phillip and Jane Mountrose) share our perspective on putting an end to chronic stress and opening to finding true happiness and success.

We learned the hard way, from years of personal experience. On this podcast, we’d like to spare you from having to goPhillip and Jane Mountrose with dogs through long periods of trial and error on your way to creating the life you deeply desire.

We got to a point when we knew we needed to change and we’re delighted to share the discoveries that led us to become self-help experts, authors and trainers.

Are you ready to end stress and find true happiness and success?

We hope so. This show is designed to help you to reduce stress and find more love and happiness than you ever felt possible. We utilize the latest science, along with strategies and techniques that will allow you to transform your life in magical ways today and every day.


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In some of this episode’s highlights, you’ll learn…

  • Our story of how we went from burnt out teacher and architect to expert coaches, pioneer energy healers, and successful trainers and authors.
  • Shocking statistics and insights on how stress affects your life and how to control stress
  • The Birth of the Love and Happiness Movement
  • The mission of  the “A Dose of Love and Happiness” podcast and how it can help you
  • How EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can draw in more heart intelligence and wisdom

Tap into the Power of Your Heart Now

You don’t have to wait another day to access the power that lies within you. We all talk about following our hearts and feeling promptings in our hearts, but few of us question what this means. Science has shown that accessing the wisdom and intelligence in the heart can transform your life in amazing ways.

The key to your success lies within you and the only time you have is now. Every cell in your body becomes more alive and vibrant in every way when you decide to put and end to stress and find true happiness. This isn’t just theory – it’s science. Your life can change in dramatic ways when you embrace more love and happiness.

We live in a pivotal time of change. The world needs more love and you can make a difference. Love simplifies the solutions to our most complex problems and every person’s contribution of more love every day counts. We hope you’ll make this your time!


Phillip and Jane Mountrose