Success Allergy? From Fear of Success to Creating Success

Keep clear sign with clipping pathHow do you go from fearing success to creating success?

We used to sometimes think of “success” as a bad thing. It meant being selfish, somehow putting our needs over those of others. We also equated success with these negative associations:

* it’s greedy

* it’s valuing money and things over people

* it’s too commercial and corporate

* it’s environmentally destructive to the planet

Looking further, some self-identity issues emerged. Behind these concerns were thoughts of whether we actually could succeed by doing something we loved and helping others.


At a certain point, we felt this “success allergy” was holding us back. We were too timid and fearful to go for our dreams. One foot on the brake and one on the gas pedal.

Eventually we came to realize that success is a good thing. When you combine your head and heart, there are many ways to succeed. In the process, you connect with others, gather resources and create wonderful things.

As success coach Robin Sharma noted, “On the other side of every fear that is keeping you small is your natural power (and your authentic greatness).”


As we became more comfortable with the idea that we could succeed, our dreams and goals ignited. We got out of our own way with the deflating fears and judgments about success. We used EFT and other tools to help clear this success allergy from ourselves and others too.

It turned out that we didn’t need to wait for global warming to end and greed disappear before we could succeed. Pursuing our dreams and goals was worth it — making things better for us and those we touch.


It comes down to doing what you can with what you have, moment to moment. Each moment holds the possibility for success. It turns out you can be compassionate, socially conscious and successful.

Ask yourself these four questions:

1. How do I feel about “success”?

2. In what area would I like to have more success?

3. What’s holding me back?

4. What’s my next step?

Reflect on your answers.

Find a dream (or renew it) — something that excites you. Then head in that direction. Acting on your dreams, instead of your fears, will help get rid of any success allergy you may have picked up.

The more each of us succeeds, the more the world can be a conscious, loving place, where everyone is included and nature respected.  Go for it!


Phillip and Jane Mountrose