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Finding Hidden Patterns that Block Your Success

Do you want to know a quick and easy way to remove obstacles from your life’s path? Then read on about what we discussed with Master Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle.

Here are some highlights from the blogtalk radio show on “How to Find and Clear Hidden Patterns that are Blocking Your Success”:

*Are you motivated out of fear to grow, somehow trying to prove your worth by what you do?

*You can find out what’s going on with your life by what’s showing up before you:

> What conversations are people having that you’re noticing?
> What events are happening to you now?
> What good and bad things are your present circumstances revealing to you about what you’re thinking and feeling?

*There are times we need to go through an emotional unraveling. Then we take stock of:
…where we’ve been, what we need to clear, and how to love ourselves, and move forward gracefully

* Learn how to sit still, just be with yourself. At first this can be a challenge. Over time it becomes easier and deepens your relationship with yourself.

*Here are some results when you go deeper with inner work:

> You become pro-active when things are uncomfortable with your life.
> You notice those hidden patterns and feedback in everyday life before you.
> You’re more motivated out of your deeper purpose and love — you’re playing a bigger game.

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What are your thoughts on finding and clearing blocks to your success?


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