Following Your Guidance: 4 Roadblocks to Success

A big success key is to follow your inner guidance. You probably have a sense of your inner soulful promptings. Let’s examine how to follow that all-important guidance you are receiving.

Why is it hard sometimes to follow your guidance, however strong it may be? Much of the answer comes from our programming. This programming, as we’ll discuss, can keep you from going for it. Or you may fall back into familiar, limiting patterns once you start.

Rays of sunshine breaks through the cloudsYou can take small steps in following where your guidance leads you. But at whatever rate you move forward, we are talking about a paradigm shift.

Following your guidance, rather than society’s programming (family, school, government, institutions) creates a different world. Your guidance leads you into a wondrous world, where dreams do come true.

So why not live in this creative world, where manifestations blossom and you follow your guidance and purpose? Let’s examine four common showstoppers, with suggestions on how to shift into the creative world that your guidance encourages you to enter.

1. “What will my family say?”

Can you afford to wait until your family approves of your dreams and goals? This could take a lifetime. However much you value them, don’t let your husband, sister, brother, mother, or whoever determine your life for you.

Change your thinking when this roadblock comes up, with its constricting emotions. Affirm that, “I respect my family, and I still follow my own path.”

In spite of possible family criticism, following your guidance with inspired action is perhaps the best thing you can do. It may ultimately inspire them to break free, too.

2. “I can’t afford it.”

How many opportunities have you let pass because you “couldn’t afford it”? Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t work when you put it on hold?

Successful people take educated risks. Sometimes you’re called by your soul to take a leap of faith. You can start out by taking small leaps. Before you know it, your reality will wonderfully shift as you follow your calling.

Don’t just settle or keep yourself held back. Know that you can afford to embrace the freedom of your dreams and purpose. Your soul is helping you find the way. It’s a matter of following it.

Affirm, “I’m grateful for all the blessings that I have and the good things that are coming to me.”

3. “I don’t have time.”

Don’t become a victim of time. This may not be easy at first, but throw away your excuses and take charge of your time.

Again, we’re talking about a different approach from the mainstream, consensus reality.

See time as spacious. Breathe and slow down. Affirm, “I have all the time I need to do what I truly want.”

Make the most of your life. You and your soul will be happy if you do.

4. “What if it doesn’t work?”

Let’s remove a boulder on the path: There are no guarantees.

Yet we’ve found that following your guidance is still the best thing to do.

Yes, you do develop ways of dealing with the uncertainty. Indeed, the amazing life we’ve created for ourselves and taught others is really thanks to following our guidance. This includes learning from “mistakes” and persevering through life’s ups and downs.

In other words, sometimes you need to feel the fear and do it anyway (that’s being courageous).


Interestingly, your guidance often gives you the general direction, big picture stuff. Then it’s up to you translate it. Bring heaven down to earth and map out the details.

So start where you are. And start letting go of the above four showstoppers to advancing on your path. Do EFT, affirm, journal or whatever you need to do to be true to your guidance.

Remember it’s essential to break away from the crowd (mass consciousness, CNN Reality and programming) to follow your heart. Get out of the comfort zone, which really isn’t so comfortable, just familiar.

Opportunities are emerging now. Take advantage of them. You’ll be glad you did and so many good things will blossom.


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Phillip and Jane Mountrose