Four Ways to Have a Heart-Centered Year

love-heart-centeredA new year, a new beginning. Actually every day is new, and this fact becomes magnified with the start of a new year.

To take advantage of this energy, let’s explore four ways to have a wonderful, heart-centered year.

1. Get a dream.

It all starts with a desire for something bigger and better, for you and others. Envisioning a greater world opens your mind and heart.

Your dream lifts you out of the status quo. It propels you to become a better you, rather than settling for a life with your music dying inside of you.

Put it in writing too, that makes it more concrete and clear.

2. Turn off autopilot and live today.

Live each day like it’s new, because it is. Habits can lay the groundwork for a healthier you or become deadening routines.

You can form keystone habits (like meditation, exercise, affirmations) that set the stage for a great day. Or you can mechanically go through the old routines to get through the day.

In the movie Joe and the Volcano, it started with the Tom Hanks character existing like a numbed-out, drugged robot in his lifeless office cubicle. To become a hero, he had to leave his dead-end job to go on a life-changing adventure.

You may not need such dramatic changes (or maybe you do). Just make the most of each day before it disappears.

3. Act don’t react.

Between a stimulus and your response, you have a choice. You can be aware and choose. Or just react from past conditioning.

If the past conditioning serves you (like looking both ways before crossing a street), good. However, if you panic when something doesn’t work right (say on your computer or in a relationship), that’s another matter. 

Count to ten, take a brief walk, get advice from others.  Be open to other viable solutions.

Give the benefit of the doubt to that car driver that cut you off.  Invent a loving excuse for them – they may be rushing home to a sick child, etc. The compassion and patience you show them actually benefits you a lot more!

When you realize you have a choice in each moment, life becomes infinitely richer. In the process, your brain becomes more flexible and your heart more resilient.

4. Open up to the path of least resistance.

Let us be clear about the path of least resistance. We are not advocating for wishful thinking or becoming a couch potato.

Nor are we ignoring the fact we all have duties and obligations to take care of.

There are certain obligations and duties you have. But that is just one part of a much bigger existence you are participating in. If negativity comes, you have EFT and other modalities available.

If you have taken to heart the first three suggestions (have a dream, living your life and acting consciously), you’re ready for the universe to assist you.

In short: do your part and let life take care of the rest.

From a spiritual perspective, the path of least resistance opens up growth choices and opportunities. It shows you the universe has a way of providing and organizing things. It shows you that struggle can be unnecessary and effortless flow is often possible.

Don’t fight the river. As Michael Jordan advised, let the game come to you.

Prepare and be aware. Be patient. By participating actively and consciously wonderful things come to you.


Following the four ways to a heart-centered year described above will connect you more with what Wallace Wattles described in The Science of Getting Rich as the creative plane.

This creative plane is where pure consciousness exists. You rise above the competitive plane to pure potential. As you open your heart, you become more creative, connected and non-judgmental.


So ..

get a dream;
turn off autopilot;
stop reacting and start acting intentionally;
and allow that path of least resistance to appear.

Hey, we’re ready for an awesome heart-centered year. How about you?


Phillip and Jane Mountrose