011: Sage Lee | Express More Love & Sincere Gratitude

By expressing more sincere gratitude you can have exponential love and happiness today… and for a lifetime.

In this fascinating inspirational podcast, Chief Brand Mystic Sage Lee maps out how expressing an attitude of gratitude in a group magnifies your results. Find out how…


Sage Lee has a passion for connecting people to the big Why, why people do what they do, and their connection to the big why. Sage Lee worked as an Art Director and Brand Strategist for international Fortune 500 companies for 25 years. In addition, he is a renowned performance artist, whose work has appeared around the country. Now Sage has turned his talent toward helping small businesses with BIG BRANDS, and recently in helping people connect to greater wealth with ancient, effective techniques. He spoke in 2011 at the prestigious TEDx conference in Santa Cruz, California.


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • 3 ways to supercharge your gratitude
  • Specifics on how gratitude increases happiness
  • Sage’s extraordinary story on how his near fatal accident became a blessing
  • 5 Principles for Living and extraordinary life
  • How sharing gratitude with others, in a group or community, magnifies your results

Focus on gratitude today and you are virtually guaranteed to be happy, Sage recommends.

“Do your life bigger. Connect with the cycles of the earth or the movements of the planets.”  — Sage Lee

Take a look up at the sky. We are surrounded in mystery and wonder.


Phillip and Jane Mountrose