022: Happiness and Trusting Your Inner Spiritual Guidance

Being happy and fulfilled depends on trusting your inner spiritual guidance. But how do you listen to that inner voice and wisdom?inner-guidance

In this episode (1 of 2, see episode 2), we answer our readers most important questions on following their soul’s guidance and heart wisdom.

We start with helping understand the spiritual journey itself — not only from a spiritual perspective, or stages, but from the science of the heart as well.

Learning how to listen to our inner guidance unlocks the wisdom of the heart and connects us to infinite intelligence.

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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Defining inner guidance
  • The spiritual journey that takes us out of the mass consciousness through empowerment and blossoming into true self expression
  • How heart science and brain science also verify inner wisdom
  • How connecting with your heart and guidance benefits your physical and emotional health
  • How to connect with your inner guidance: soul centering process
  • Why it’s so important for you, and the bigger picture of society, to listen to your inner wisdom
  • Important caveats about connecting both head and heart to succeed

“Learn how to tap into the big picture, how creation works in a universal sense. But also realize the path reveals itself one step at a time.” Jane Mountrose

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Phillip and Jane Mountrose