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037: Have a Great Day Each Day

Why not decide to have a great day today?

 In this podcast episode, we discuss how to feel good each day. And  it’s surprisingly easy too.

It’s one of the 12 tips from our book Tap into the Power of Live and Happiness with EFT: 12 Simple Ways to Have a Great Day Every Day at Amazon. Learn how to tap into the power of love and the power of the mind and have a great day, every day. In other words, boost your love and happiness.

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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Getting up on the right side of the bed
  • How to have a good night’s sleep
  • Focusing on what you can see to start off the day right
  • Focusing on positive memories to start a positive momentum for the day
  • Knowing the value of feeling good and the opportunities it brings to you
  • Dealing with challenges and more…


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Phillip and Jane Mountrose