The Power of a Holistic Approach to EFT

Why is a Holistic Approach to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) so powerful and effective?

Watch the valuable video webinar below (22 minutes) to find out how holistic EFT can make a big difference for you.

What is Holistic EFT?

Holistic EFT uses a variety of body-mind healing techniques that Phillip and Jane Mountrose have developed over the past twenty years. The body of their innovative work  is coined GTT, the Getting Thru Techniques.

Holistic EFT focuses on pinpointing the core of an issue and quickly transforming it. Although standard EFT alone can work wonders, sometimes it is not enough.  A targeted, step-by-step holistic approach is designed to provide deep solutions. It uses customized, organic affirmations and specific imagery to achieve lasting results.

Why use Holistic EFT?

Here are important reasons for using a holistic approach to EFT …

  • easy to use
  • works individually with each person, rather than a generic approach
  • works quickly
  • since it is a body-mind-spirit approach results tend to go deeper and last longer, if not permanently
  • avoids telling the client what to say, i.e., using “tapping scripts’
  • works with a wide variety of people on many different issues
  • helps people become more aware of their situation and how they created it — as well as how to transform it and live on a healthier, more conscious level

Learning more about the Holistic Approach?

We offer many time-tested holistic trainings on Holistic EFT and other powerful modalities like Spiritual Kinesiology.

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