How to Become Your Own Holistic Coach: 5 Keys to Success

Phillip Mountrose, veteran coach-trainer-author, shares 5 keys on how you can become your own holistic coach. Turn on your speakers and


Becoming a holistic coach can be the opportunity of a lifetime for people who want to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Its for those who are ready for profound personal growth, and, if desired, professional growth.

Who’s interested in holistic coaching and healing?

1. Those who want greater personal and spiritual growth, who want to learn more deeply how to manifest – which includes having tools to fully live their life purpose

2. Those who want to create or enhance practice: conventional or alternative health, coaches

3. Those seeking a compliment to their life: business, teacher, housewife, or other fields

4. Those who want to accelerate their spiritual evolution

Benefits of Holistic Coaching Telecourse  and Certification:

  • Being more confident and competent, and creating at your highest level
  • Knowing a tested system for success, with a step-by-step framework, one that helps you create breakthroughs personally and professionally
  • Regular access to veteran trainers (we have developed this program for 20 years and people and find it extraordinary) to guide you to greater success
  • Regularly connecting with a group of like-minded people, a mastermind that helps you to succeed
  • being able to more fully and consistently recognize and follow your guidance



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Phillip and Jane Mountrose