How to Feel Good Now (Law of Attraction Tips)

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Why is it so important to feel good? We often don’t even feel when someone asks how we are feeling. Yet, surprisingly, it’s one of the most important things you can do: feel as good as you can, in each moment.

Why? Positive feelings raise your vibration. So they attract and create what you want. If you are more productive and creative that means you are helping yourself and others.

You can only feel better than you do now, which may not be great depending on your state. But you can always feel better.

The idea is to focus your thought to uplift your feelings. It’s a lifelong meditation. You must be mindful of how you think and the feelings generated.


Positivity Research from Barbara Frederickson and others have found the ratio of positive to negative expressions is key to positive outcomes.  They found about 3 to 1 ratio is the tipping point. Below that not much affect may occur.

You can go higher than 3 to 1, but not so high that you become naive and ungrounded, where everything is positive. You must keep your discernment.

So teachers should have 3 positive comments to every 1 negative to students. For partnerships/marriages it’s been found that a high number of positives to negative expressions keeps relationships strong.

So in short, feel good now.

Feeling good is part of manifesting.

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Phillip and Jane Mountrose