How to Invite the Miraculous into Your Life

the-miraculousMost would welcome something miraculous into their lives. A miracle is something exceeding your expectations… something unexpected…, something wonderful and uplifting.

One of the best ways to create miracles is to understand them better. That way you can recognize the miracles around you and manifest more into your life.


Miracles defy the odds. They are unexplainable, and go beyond scientific analysis. They bridge the natural with the supernatural.

Remarkably, miracles transcend logic yet we can use our reason to better understand them.


Let’s first separate trickery and superstition from genuine miracles. A show magician or a rabbit’s foot or horseshoe is not what we are talking about here.

Actual miracles are all around us. We don’t need blind faith here, just opening our eyes and hearts to what we are experiencing.

We could classify miracles into two areas: the spectacular events and the everyday occurrences. One we notice, the other we take for granted.

It’s easier to notice the exceptional event, such as an extraordinary healing or rescue. On a bigger scale, though, the miraculous world we live in each day — the sea we swim in — we take for granted.

Miracles are more commonly recognized when something out of the ordinary happens: a spontaneous remission healing, a person surviving a car wreck or natural disaster. The norm here would be injury or death. The miracle here is surviving and even thriving.

Here’s another area rich in miracles. The thousands reporting near-death experiences (being clinically dead) and observing events from “the other side.” Such extraordinary experiences offer further evidence of miracles.

And yet there is no need to seek out a miracle, or to be awestruck when one comes across our path.

In truth, miracles are all around us right now. We live in an ongoing, moment-to-moment miraculous world.

Examples include how our billions of cells can work together for us to function so well. And how the universe was created mysteriously and miraculously in the first place.


The visible world is a tiny part of reality. Scientists estimate all the stars, planets and galaxies that we see make up just 4% of the universe. So what about that other 96% of “dark” unknowable matter?

And “matter” itself suggests something solid and definable. What about the worlds that transcend matter, the purely spiritual sources?

That we are a part of something far vaster is humbling and helps us be grateful for what we have manifested and what is possible.

grain-of-sand“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.”

As William Blake poetically described above, there are more “wows” and “aha’s” than we can imagine.


To illuminate, we can refer to what Wallace Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich called the “creative plane” as the origin of miracles. He contrasted the creative plane with the competitive plane – where we get lost in materialism and separation.

The creative plane is one of pure potential and infinite possibility. It’s where our dreams are born. In turn, we can bring these creative possibilities down to earth and put them into form.

It might seem abstract, at first. The good news?

This creative plane of pure awareness and intelligence is accessible at any time. All you need is some knowledge (like we are presenting here) along with your awareness and intent.


So how do we take advantage of the little and big miracles, the common and the exceptional ones, that are all around us?

Realize the fact that we can think and feel and our cells know how to correspond.

Realize that people have extraordinary healings.

Realize that breakthroughs occur in our own lives and ripple out to the world. To quote Einstein, “You can live as if nothing is a miracle..[or] as if everything is a miracle.”

A good place to manifest more, including the miraculous, is by using your senses. Sharpen your outer senses by being more aware of sound, sight and touch in this moment. What’s going on in this moment?

Also develop your inner senses. Connect more with your inner awareness, the sight, sound and feelings coming from within.

Close your eyes and notice what you experience. Breathe it in. Be with your experience and let it flow creatively into your life.

In short, access the creative plane and get or develop your Dream. With your intent, download that higher energy into this world. Act accordingly.

Then the vast mysterious universe can help you out better. Each moment becomes the possible birth of a miracle, by recognizing what already exists and being open to the unexpected and transcendent.


As we grow individually and as a species, what were once considered miracles may become commonplace.

Extraordinary achievements, healings and experiences will be part of what we expect to happen. That’s one way we grow and manifest, which is an exciting miraculous process in itself.

So to conclude, miracles are stronger than a cup of coffee for waking us up. Realize you are a miracle living in a miraculous universe.


Phillip and Jane Mountrose