018: Julia Rogers Hamrick | Choose Easy World

What if you could enter a higher vibrational world, an inspiring realm, an Easy World? It may be easier than you think…Julia_Rogers_Hamrick_hi-res-sm

In this episode, we interview Julia Rogers Hamrick, who is the author of Choosing Easy World. She is an engaging, innovative thinker and spiritual teacher. http://www.iliveineasyworld.com/

Julia revealsĀ  the “formula” of how to live in easy world, regardless of your challenge. Isn’t it time to leave difficult


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • The choosing easy world formula.
  • How easy world is everyone’s birthright, a higher vibration that can inspire you to live with more love and fulfillment.
  • How to recognize that you have a choice to trust the universe
  • How exercise and relaxation can incline you to easy world
  • Examples of choosing easy world

“Rise above and play at a new level of the human game, where you are empowered and can choose more love, creativity, wisdom and fulfillment.” –Julia Rogers Hamrick



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