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Law of Attraction Works: Removing Resistance Bob Doyle Interview

What exactly is the Law of Attraction? And how you clear resistance to attracting success?

To get clarity on the law of attraction, we interviewed Bob Doyle, one of the featured teachers in The Secret as a guest on a past radio show we did. Here are a few highlights of what we discussed:

* The law of attraction is really about resonance. Your thought resonates with what you attract — the people, resources and events that show up in your life.

* Resistance to attracting what you want naturally occurs. One of the best ways to clear obstacles is by using EFT, the popular and effective energy tapping technique.

* When clearing, make sure to connect with your emotions and get to the core of the issue.

* Use affirmations of what you want regularly to utilize the law of attraction. Continue to clear emotional blocks as they arise.

* Realize the gift of being a human. Wanting and becoming more is natural and benefits you and everyone. Overcome any limitations about yourself that you’ve been taught.

* Play a bigger game. Realize your potential and commit to action. Keep your beliefs and emotions headed in the right direction, so the law of attraction works positively for you.

* Get support: find coaches or groups. This support system is a fundamental success principle.

* Connect with your inner knowing and your vision will emerge. It will continue to evolve as you do and may take you in different directions.

* Following your heart, soul and vision will manifest the resources, people, ideas and things you need to succeed.

* As more people follow the law of attraction, including clearing the resistances, society will prosper and improve.

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Phillip and Jane Mountrose