020: Life Purpose, Wisdom of the Heart, Overcoming Obstacles with EFT

The wisdom of your heart holds your life’s purpose. How can you break free and overcome the obstacles holding you back? heart mosaic small

In this episode (2 of 2, see episode 1 here), we teach how to find your “right” purpose, along with doing what it takes to live a fulfilled life.

We answer some common and pressing questions we received from readers:

> “What if I don’t like my purpose, can I pick another one?”
> “I fluctuate on my purpose between being afraid and unwilling to do what it takes to overcome the obstacles. How do I share my gift and purpose with the world?”


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Connecting with your Aliveness and how people repress this key to life purpose
  • Discovering deeper truth and your heartfelt desires
  • 10 stages people go through in life purpose
  • Infinite Intelligence and your life
  • Showing how to use the Reality Shift with EFT Procss
  • Life Purpose Breakthru Sessions — holistic coaching

“Living on purpose is like having the wind behind your back. Even when stormy weather does occur, you know where you are going and can reset your course.” Phillip Mountrose


Phillip and Jane Mountrose