005: Harold Becker | Loving and Accepting Yourself

How we misunderstand loving and accepting ourselves!

In this podcast we interview Harold Becker, author of Internal Power and Unconditional Love.

harold-becker-inspirationHarold has devoted his life to raising the awareness of humanity through his consulting company, Internal Insights.  In 2000, he founded and is President of the nonprofit The Love Foundation, Inc., with the vision of inspiring people to love unconditionally.

Are you ready to love and accept yourself more?

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Everything you experience and create in our life is a direct result of your ability to love and accept yourself. Think about it, when you feel good about yourself, life feels good. You could call it “okayness.” When you are okay with yourself, more feels possible. You’re proud of your accomplishments and confident that more good things are on the way.

The reverse is also true. You know that when you feel bad about yourself, it seems unlikely that anything good will happen. This is stressful and it’s only true if you believe it is. You are more magnificent that you could possibly imagine and the way to uncover this magnificence is by loving and accepting yourself more. You are here for a reason and you are probably reading this because you want to understand more about what it is.

Here is your opportunity. We could all love ourselves more and this podcast provides practical tips you can use immediately to love and accept yourself more every day.


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Harold has so much to offer – we had a lot of favorite moments in this show.

In some of our favorite highlights, you’ll learn…

  • how love is often misunderstood
  • how it was a long and valuable journey for Harold himself from the banking world to becoming a founder of The Love Foundation
  • 4 strategies to come from the heart
  • how to move from the head to your heart for a more fulfilling life

Tap into the Power of Loving and Accepting Yourself Now

Real change happens one step at a time. Many people wait for the perfect time to change and it never comes. Simple things you do every day can literally transform your life, one day at ta time. The most important factor is commitment. Only you can decide not to wait another moment to find more love and happiness that reveal the magnificence within you.

“Take time to explore. See the beauty and make your life beautiful.”– Harold Becker, The Love Foundation


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