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Loving Power of Soul Book with Bonuses

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In this new book, The Loving Power of the Soul shows you how to reliably access your soul for greater insight, direction, healing and intuition.

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The Loving Power of Your Soul is a tremendously satisfying and enlightening journey from mindfulness to soulfulness, as you see and grasp the power of your soul to manifest an absolutely remarkable life. Herein lie understandings and processes for manifesting your soul’s purpose and to profit from your journey.”

Fred Gallo, author of Energy Psychology
Past President of Association for
Comprehensive Energy Psychology

We have made extraordinary breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine. Yet why in 2021 are Google searches for “burnout” 5000% higher than last year? Why is anxiety (36% mental health searches) and depression (23% searches) plaguing a growing number of people?

We’ve been taught to stay within a box -- our social conditioning -- and for most people, it is not working so well. How then do we recognize each person’s uniqueness and gifts?

To find out, you want to access the truth that lies within. This means reliably accessing the wisdom, guidance and intuition of your soul. With tested tools and knowledge, drawn from leading-edge science, ancient traditions, and their own discoveries, the Mountroses elegantly detail how to live by the light of your soul.

The Loving Power of the Soul shows how to...

  • Reliably access the guidance and the wisdom of the soul
  • Use your four intelligences (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) for soulfully optimizing your life
  • Understand how mindfulness relates to soulfulness in a practical way
  • Practice six soul connecting processes, including the Mountroses’ Soul Centering and Apex Process
  • Clear out shadows that cover your soul and progress with Holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Spiritual Kinesiology
  • Experience yourself and everything in your life in more joyous loving ways

What People are Saying about the Book ...

As the Mountroses explore, understanding ourselves as energetic and spiritual beings in physical bodies transforms the perspective of who we are, as well as the perceptions we hold of what might be possible for us.   

Jane G. Goldberg

Author of The Hormesis Effect

This is a comprehensive overview of science, ancient wisdom, and emerging holistic practices that when combined, can offer life-changing results..

Dr. Ruth Anderson

Founder Enlighten World Network

This book walks the reader through a superb connection to know and experience your soul in real ways. The healing process feel light-hearted, joyful and uplifting. What a treat!

Susann Taylor Shier

Author Soul Mastery

For a limited time only, every order includes Two Soul-Accessing Meditations and a powerful exercise described  in the The Loving Power of the Soul Book:

* Soul Centering Process
* Mud to Mountaintop Process
* The Inner Strength Experiment


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