002: Rue Hass | Make the Right Decisions for More Love & Happiness

Welcome to the “A Dose of Love & Happiness” Podcast!

In this delightful interview, energy psychology expert Rue Hass explains how pinpointing what she calls “your yum and yuck” allows you to make the right decisions for more love and happiness.

rue-hassThe simple strategy Rue reveals on this podcast is a testimony to the depth of her wisdom. Rue is a Spiritual Life Path Coach, Intuitive Mentor, and EFT Master Practitioner. She has authored several books and conducted many trainings on a highly sensitive temperament and spirituality. http://intuitivementoring.com/

Do you want to make the right decisions for more love and happiness?

If so, you will discover an amazingly simple way that you can overcome self-doubt and identify what’s right for you in any situation. Rue’s light-hearted and enlightened approach is contagious. She has an amazing way of making profound wisdom sound simple. Find out for yourself now!


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In some of the precious moments from this show, you’ll learn…

  • What stops most people from making the decisions that feel right to them
  • How to identify your true yes
  • Rue’s special recipe for love and happiness: “Say yes to your yum”
  • A delightfully fun and simple exercise you can do any time you need to make a decision
  • Something you can always trust to take you in the right direction

Discover How to Make the right Decisions Today

Each Dose of Love and Happiness Podcast explores simple strategies and techniques you can use every day to turn suffering and stress into love and happiness. Rue’s recipe could literally transform your life. Best of all, it’s not just painless; it’s actually so easy any one can do it and it’s a lot of fun.

Many people find themselves confused and unable to move forward toward the lives of their dreams, because they can’ decide what’s right for them. This is understandable, because most of us were taught to value the opinions of experts and influential people in our lives instead of what feels right to us.

Unfortunately, as we all know, doing what other people want you to do is not fulfilling. Only you can know what’s right for you. If you want your life to change in magical ways starting today, this could be the simple strategy you’ve been waiting for. We’re using Rue’s “yum and yuck” strategy ourselves and it works!


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