Map of Success: Can You Make A Difference?

Most want to make a difference. But how do you actually do it? Is there a map of success?

First, feel good by acknowledging what you have already accomplished: goals you have reached, people you have helped.

Then remember that making a difference starts from within. To succeed, it’s essential to develop and ongoing success mindset. As your vibration stays stronger longer, it naturally translates into action. Then you manifest success.


So what gets in the way? It’s not about comparing yourself to others, which is a common showstopper. Yes, learn and be inspired by others; just remember that you are unique. It’s about pursuing your own self-actualizing path.

Also, it’s not about being perfect, getting those imaginary ducks in a row. Waiting for the perfect time – another common obstacle – is just as self-defeating.


1. Have a vision. Intend for your picture of how your individual talents and skills can help others make a better world to come into view. Then develop a mission to carry your own personal crusade to better yourself and others.

“I use my ______[talents/skills] to help people __________.”

2. Use strategies. These approaches will then actualize your dreams and goals that emerge from your vision. For example, develop your own business, or give 110% at your job to attract greater possibilities.

You can also help solve people’s problems. If you want to make a living from helping others, choose those who are willing and able to pay for your products/services.

To succeed, find the best practices in your chosen area for success.

3. Have a daily success routine. Successful people regulate their lives so they are “fit for success.”

Practices we and others use include:

eating and sleeping well

exercising regularly

reading positive books; listening to success audios

associating with upbeat, successful people

meditating and affirming expansive ideas

 As a note, the above takes self-discipline, to which you want to dedicate yourself for your own success and self-actualization.


One of our taglines is that “we help people step up and make a difference.” You must be willing to “step up” to make a difference.

This may even include getting so frustrated that you no longer can tolerate staying where you are.

Find a way to step up today (the best time to do it).

Stay with it. Never, ever give up; simply learn and grow from the challenges. Then you will be proud of your legacy: “I made a difference.”


Phillip and Jane Mountrose