The Meaning of Persuasion: Are You Influencing or Manipulating?

What is the meaning of persuasion, a key success secret and way to success? Let us explore this important area that affects so many areas of success.

Are you ever afraid to offer something to others in fear that you are manipulating them? Particularly if the other person has to pay money for it.

We had such concerns about offering our products and services when we started out, and it held us back for a long time. We would like to share what we’ve learned about this important area.


To understand how to genuinely influence people (not manipulate them), you need to have a purpose and mission to help. Eventually you need to translate your dreams and goals into a viable plan for success. Without a direction, you can end up what we call “wallowing in the mud.”

To explain, let’s use a powerful metaphor. You can either be on the mountain top or stuck in the mud way below. To rephrase, you can be heading up the mountain or sinking down toward the mud.


If you clarify your vision and purpose, you feel empowered. It’s as if you are atop a beautiful mountain with a gorgeous 360-degree view.

You experience love and connectedness. Your broad view lets you dream and play bigger. You think, “What (else) could go right?”

But if you are sloshing down in the mud, your view narrows. You feel seperate and alone. You get stuck on “What could go wrong?”


In addition to describing your feeling-state, the mountain-mud metaphor can describe your direction in life. Are we headed up the mountain or drifting down into the mud?

If you are venturing up the next mountain, you are excited about your goals. You find opportunities and resources to go forward. You know you are a creator, in charge of the direction of your life.

If you are drifting toward the mud, you struggle, trying to stay in a comfort zone. On some level, you know you are sinking into mediocrity and complacency. You feel like a victim, out of control.


When you feel good about yourself and your direction, you freely share with others. You want to authentically influence them for the better, knowing they are free to ultimately decide for themselves.

If you are wallowing in the mud of indecision, vacillating from fear to arrogance, from knowing nothing to knowing it all, then you feel uncertain.

If you recommend something from this low vibration, like your products or services, you worry about offending others or being rejected.

The goal is to live on purpose daily. Then you are more present and engaged. You see broadly from the mountain top. You breathe fresh air into your life.

You know your inspiration and direction will help others too.  Then you can truly persuade others and feel good about it. You know the authentic influence of persuasion.

So keep climbing, keep dreaming. Then life’s possibilities open to you regularly, so much so that you will naturally want to share with others.




Phillip and Jane Mountrose