021: Paul Cutright | A New Way of Thinking and Living

Emerging from three near-death experiences, master relationship coach Paul Cutright shares a new way of thinking and living, drawing from a lesson in The Course in Miracles.

You might say he experienced some miracles himself that he shares with us in this profound interview.paulrgb

In this podcast episode, we have a conversation with Paul Cutright. He and his wife Layne are best-selling authors of You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think. He has been on a path of self-realization and living in service to the awakening of others for the last 40+ years.

Paul shares with you their CURE process (The Conscious Upset Resolution Process). He also vulnerably shares how he recently recovered from heart failure, which cost him his business and home. Now he’s stronger than ever, learning even more deeply how to trust himself and his spiritual guidance as he lives more in the moment, living life more relaxed and fulfilled.

The purpose of their work is to support a worldwide cultural shift in the way humans relate and to contribute to an evolutionary leap from a humanity characterized by a love of the power to control and dominate others to the power of love and cooperation.

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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • The Cutright’s powerful CURE process for conflict resolution and self-inquiry
  • How to take a lesson from The Course in Miracles to live more deeply and have peace of mind
  • Profound life learning from Paul’s recent three near-death experiences
  • How loss of sense of self can turn into trust of self and spirit
  • Learning how to overcome the fear of death
  • And much more

An mentioned on the podcast, Paul is quite a photographer. Here are some wonderful photos he recently took.






“Don’t worry. Be happy.” — Meher Baba

“Be present to loving yourself.” –Paul Cutright/

Paul and Layne’s Cutright’s powerful program You’re Never Upset for What You Think shows you how to go beyond triggers that upset you, so you can live yourself from a place of peace and genuine happiness and fulfillment.

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