Play and Have Fun: Happiness Tip

What is one of the most powerful things you can do to be happy?


As our colleague Susan Kerby shares in this inspiring video, you still need fun and play or you will become a dull girl or boy.

Happiness and love is about being in a good mood, having a higher vibration to experience wonderful things in your life. The happy vibes can boost your mood and health and be positive to others as well.

For another perspective, we show the happy tap EFT video elsewhere — a technique to boost your happiness.


Your inner child might like to play on the swing as Susan shares in the video. But your adult might find a gourmet restaurant or an art museum more fun at times.

The idea is to keep fun and play in the foreground of your life. We often get so busy, we lose track of what really matters. That includes playing and horsing around.

So what you do for fun?

What floats your boat?

What makes you laugh?

When was a recent time you had a lot of fun?

How can you have some fun today?

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Be inventive, be a little crazy. You deserve it.


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Phillip and Jane Mountrose