039: Scott Mills | Use Your Brain to Create Happiness

How do you use your brain to create happiness? There are ways to use your brain with your body’s wisdom as well as your heart’s wisdom….

scott-millsIn this podcast episode, we interview Dr. Scott Mills, who teaches people around the world the secrets of releasing the stuck patterns of the brain that lead to self-sabotage, scarcity and unhappiness. Find out more about this unique program at www.evolutionofwisdom.com/gettingthru

Using the latest neuroscience research and exercises, Scott shows you how to retrain your brain. Become unstuck to allow happiness to flow and much more!


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In this episode, some highlights include…

  • Current research in brain science and how it relates to happiness and love
  • How to go beyond the limits of the survival brain
  • A Neuro linguistic programming exercise for happiness
  • Finding how to relax and be safe to awaken the heart and body’s wisdom
  • And much more

“It’s not so hard to reset your brain. There are many ways to unstick your brain and be happy!” –Dr. Scott Mills

Scott will show you how to break through your money barriers– see www.evolutionofwisdom.com/gettingthru



Phillip and Jane Mountrose