The Secret of Trusting Yourself

What is the secret of trusting yourself?


One of the simplest, most direct ways to trust yourself is to take one step at a time. Actually, just like when you physically walk, you can only take one step at a time. You might take a big or small step, or a leap, but its still manageable.

You know your next step, and you can do it. You’ve done it before. And you will do it again, trusting that it will work out.


Yes, it’s good to plan, dream and have goals — very good! Yet we can’t know all the steps, how it will all turn out.

The how is the mystery. We can’t fathom among the infinite possibilities how it will appear, which exact way it will unfold.

If you try to figure it all out, you get stuck, overwhelmed, lost in doubt and fears. Procrastination and perfectionism can come in too.

You can know your next step. If things get challenging, breathe, relax and take that next step.


In a recent VIP one-on-one customized weekend, we helped Kristin take her next step of fulfilling her dream and going in the right direction for opening up a bakery that she had dreamed of doing.

Most people get lost in moving forward because of trying to take in too much and move too quickly, and end up then doing nothing at all. So we helped Kristin clarify what she truly wanted and clear what was in the way with EFT and other approaches.

Then we helped her customize a plan to move forward with her next step to actualize the vision of a wonderful bakery. She told us this was the best weekend of her life. We said watch what happens from here.

It’s about your next step. Inch by inch it’s a cinch. Trust yourself to take the next step… and the next one. That’s a way to trust yourself.

We also have another video on Trusting Yourself, Trusting the Universe you might enjoy.




Phillip and Jane Mountrose