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The Heart and Soul of EFT and Beyond: Excerpt

[the following is an excerpt from our book The Heart and Soul of EFT and Beyond]

“Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.” – Frank Tyger

We hope that this will be a book that enhances your life. This of course is up to you. We realize our readers have a wide range of backgrounds, from healing novices to professional healers, along with an equally wide range of dreams and goals.

Your unique perspective will determine how you apply EFT and the other methods presented here. If you have a solid foundation in these or other holistic modalities, you may already be well on your way. This e-book may provide new gems to add to your toolbox.

If you are new, we want you to know that you have all of the gifts you need to succeed. As an example of humble beginnings, we want to share a little about our first experiences in the areas of holistic and energetic healing.


When we embarked on our journey into healing years ago, we took a Reiki (hands-on healing) class. We were both fascinated with the human energy system and the possibility of making powerful changes energetically. Phillip had some experience in this area, and he felt comfortable with his ability to learn more.

Jane was much less so. At the time, she was an architect, so concepts of holistic and energetic healing were new and foreign to her well-developed logical mind. She felt inept, not ever believing she could feel energy or play a positive role in anyones healing. But with an avid interest in the subject, she wanted to give it a try. Unknown to herself, Jane was following her souls heartfelt joy.

At the first Reiki class, Jane regarded herself as one of the least gifted participants. She was enjoying herself so much, though, that she didnt really care. She was happy to learn the methods and practice with the group. Afterwards, she had more opportunities to practice and continued with more Reiki classes. Each new technique opened more doors in her mind and added more methods to her toolbox.

Over the next year or two, we continued taking different classes, learning methods related to spiritual healing, hypnotherapy, and more. Jane continued to enjoy each new skill and received powerful healings, still focusing more on her interest in the subject than on her personal performance. A year or two after taking the first Reiki class, she suddenly noticed that many positive things had occurred.

She recognized that she could now feel subtle energy as tangibly as she could solid materials. She also had an understanding of the energy system and its relationship to different qualities of awareness we have in our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits, along with ways to clear blockages on all levels.

In a way, Janes abilities crept up on her almost without notice. Embarking on this new direction provided a fundamental shift that has transformed both of our lives and opened new doors to a beautiful future.


We share this story with the wish that this book will encourage you to follow your heartfelt joy and excitement wherever they may lead you. You probably have already been experimenting with some of the methods in this book. To follow your heartfelt joy, we suggest you focus on the ones that interest you most.

If all of this is new, don’t focus on every detail of the techniques or on doing everything right. They are, after all, simply means to an end and it is the healing journey that is most important. Just keep exploring the methods and have fun with them.

The theory and knowledge in this book are fascinating, but the magic comes with the actual application of the tools. The most important element to anyones success with holistic and energetic healing is practice, practice, practice.

Over time, as Jane discovered, the techniques become secondary, as you learn to simply flow with the healing experience and appreciate the profound nature of the human soul.

While setting some goals, perhaps in writing, on how to proceed with learning, also let your intuition guide you. You might want to practice a certain technique regularly for a specific period, say for a week or a month, and then move on to another area.

The level of healing and resulting soulful insights you can experience with these techniques are virtually limitless. The opportunity is great; you just have to provide the commitment.

With application will come wisdom. If we or any of the EFT experts in this volume can be of assistance, feel free to contact us.

Remember you are not only helping yourself and those around you. You are contributing to making the world a more peaceful and harmonious place.

The Heart and Soul of EFT and Beyond takes EFT to the next level.”
– Fred P. Gallo, PhD, author of Energy Psychology

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Phillip and Jane Mountrose