The Magic of Inner Peace

World peace, as you know, starts with you. Having personal peace uplifts yourself and others ─ producing loving thoughts, kind actions and creative aliveness.

But how do you embody inner peace? Let’s look at four ways to promote your own personal peace.

1. Intend to be more peaceful

Your intentions matter. That’s where peace starts.

I (Phillip) had to set aside my cynical side of envisioning cut-out happy faces to embrace a deeper sense of peace and happiness.

With more superficial notions aside, you can intend each day to be more peaceful, happy and loving. Your conscious intent will make you an active participant in creating this kind of life.

If people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be, as Abraham Lincoln said, then we can decide to align with the happier more peaceful side of life.

2. Be composed

Life will go up and down.  You may have minor or major setbacks at any time. But you can be prepared without over-reacting.  You have only so much control of events. You can’t really control your emotions, but you can ride the waves of your life with grace and awareness.

In other words, you can have control over your emotions and manage them, but can’t actually control them on command. For example, some feelings are automatically produced like reacting to danger or a tragedy. But with awareness, you can respond even in tough situations.

On occasion, life punches us in the gut and we gasp and moan. But we can recover, sometimes more quickly than at other times. Once we get back out of survival mode, we can be more present and mindful. Regaining composure, then, creates personal, inner peace.

You can deal with what you face and feel. Much of life is the small stuff anyway, minor annoyances and inconveniences. And when a big wave hits, deal with it as best and calmly as you can, knowing it will pass too.”

You can deal with what you face and feel.  Much of life is the small stuff anyway, minor annoyances and inconveniences. And when a big wave hits, deal with it as best and calmly as you can, knowing it will pass too.

3. Become resilient

Be like the tree with its branches that bend instead of breaking. Be able to give and adjust without breaking down. Become more agile and flexible when life throws you a curve ball.

Intend to regain your balance when out of sorts, or get up when you are knocked down. Allow the experience to grow you, let it be compost for your growth. We discuss this more in an this article on resilience.

Also to help be more emotionally composed and resilient, we recommend EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

4. Find ways to both focus and relax

When we focus, we can accomplish much: complete projects, achieve goals and be creative. But remember that relaxing helps us do all these things we focus on.

Too much trying is stressful and upsets our nervous system. It can put us into survival mode, without even realizing it. Whereas with relaxation, we can socialize, explore and create – all of which helps us to focus, too.

Relax into more love and happiness and personal peace quietly emerges. That calming relaxation can help you focus better as well.

Final Thoughts on Inner Peace

As you relax into personal peace, you become more present to your life. You have more choices. You listen to your soul and hear the music Resources and opportunities come into play.

Take a relaxing breath… Yes – we can be the peace we seek, starting now.



Phillip and Jane Mountrose